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Is it true that polio vaccine is very cheap because it's no patent or license ? Who's the kind owner ?

Are there any necessary drugs that too much expensive because of patent or license, then, people and children die.

Was Madam Curie the good example to scientists and business man ?

Or they must be in the business system to innovate new products ?


so, please say how can poor people get drug ? there must be some methods to solve these problems.

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    Its not really the patent or license that makes drugs expensive many are just too expensive to manufacture. It is true that both Salk (who made the injectable polio vaccine) and Sabin (who made the current oral one) refused to patent their work because they said they didnt wish to personally gain from it. Im not sure what Marie Curie has to do with it.

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    A patent gives the inventor the right to prevent others from commercially exploiting the invention in the territories where this patent is valid.

    It does not give the inventor the right to exploit it himself.

    For example, a pharmaceutical company might have a patent for certain medicaments in America and so can prevent others from marketing these medicaments in America. If however the FDA does not approve this new medicament you cannot sell these drugs in America even though you have a patent.

    Patents are useful because they allow the inventors to earn back the money they invested for developing their invention. It is valid for a maximum of 20 years after which anybody else can copy the invention.

    The development of a new medicament can cost tens of millions or even more than a hundred million dollars. If there were no patents nobady would invest such an amount of money for new medicaments because it would be copied from day 1 by other companies who did not invest this money to develop this medicament and who can therefore produce for a much lower price.

    It has also the benefit that the invention is made public when a patent is filed so that everebody knows the developments in the technical field. Everybody can work further on this invention. Without patents companies would, if they would even do research, keep everything a secret for as long as possible thereby slowing down the scientific progress.

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    The polio vaccine is in the public domain because the patent has expired.

    The patent period on new drugs has to be long enough to make it cost effective to develop them, but not so long that it stifles additional development. A company knows that once one of their drugs goes public domain, their profits will drop, so they need to spend the money to develop more new medicines.

    The days when drugs could be developed by a single wealthy scientist in a private lab are long gone - it cost tens of millions of dollars to develop one today.


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