PG&E tricking people?

My mom just told me that there are people who are pretending to be PG&E workers. They come to your house saying that there here to fix a problem and when they come in, they steal stuff and do other really bad things. Not sure what but its something deadly. Is that true? I dont see it on the news. Becareful!

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    "...SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20, 2007 (BCN) -- Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers should be wary of phone calls from imposter PG&E workers seeking entry into their home, the utility warned today.

    Reports from customers in San Francisco and San Leandro say thieves posing as utility workers are calling customers and telling them PG&E repairmen are in the neighborhood re-lighting gas appliances.

    They ask customers if the repairmen can come into their home and, once allowed in, the repairmen steal from them, PG&E said...."

    "....PG&E offered tips to protect its customers during the holiday season:

    Customers should always ask for identification before allowing anyone claiming to be a PG&E representative in their home. PG&E employees always carry identification and are willing to show it.

    Customers who have an appointment with PG&E will receive an automated call back within 48 hours prior to a scheduled visit or they will receive a personal call from a PG&E gas service representative prior to a scheduled visit.

    Customers are encouraged to call PG&E's customer service line at (800) PGE-5000 to verify an appointment and/or PG&E's presence in the community...."

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    Well it doesnt sound like pg&e is tricking anyone, but some criminal could be....Don't let anyone into the house your not expecting. Also no pg&e technician is supposed to come into a house unless some one age 18 or above is home. All employees should have an i.d. badge....also if theyre at your door, if a pg&e truck isnt there too, then its not right. same goes for at&t, verizon & all the rest....

    Source(s): I was a telephone repairman for 25 years.
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