Printing examples?

What are examples of relief printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, offset printing, and impactless (pressureless) printing.

The examples need to be things that I can find around the house. For example. For Screen Printing: A T-Shirt would be an example, or a plastic bag...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Relief - intaglio, dollar bills

    Flexo - potato chip bag, M&M candy (the "m" is printing with edible flexo ink)

    Gravure - magazines (National Geographic mag is a good example; high quality printing), some food packages (I think the Dasani water bottle label is printed gravure)

    Offset - magazines, books, calendar

    Impactless - inkjet, postcard (the name and address printed on something like a business reply card); plastic gift card (check if you find a pin number on it - that is what is impactless); anything inkjet printed

    Source(s): Graduated with a bachelor of imaging science (printing) degree
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