Thinking about relocating to the Sacramento area..?

We are currently from Wisconsin, so quite a big change lifestyle wise, which is why I am trying to find out all I can before we make a firm decision.

I do have 2 daughters and they are used to smaller town living. We are well traveled and have spent time in Sacramento, however visiting and living are two different things. One of my children has her license and the thought of her driving into a horrible area scares me to death!

I am wondering about the school system and best areas near Sacramento (His office would be in McClellan) to live. Being from "small town" Wisconsin with the kids, where we know all our neighbors, dont have to lock our doors or cars, the kids can wander at their leisure, it does give us some concern about safety issues, crime rates and education in a much bigger city.

Basically what I want to know is where is the closest place to live near McClellan, with the lowest crime rate, and best education possiblities.

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    This map should help with town around the AFB.

    Use for schools in the area you believe you want to live.

    Use for demographics.

    Roseville, Lincoln,Rocklin are nice areas to live. Auburn and Loomis may give the same country feeling as WI without the snow.

    Small town feeling is more above Auburn with towns like Grass Valley and Pleasant Grove.

    Hope some of this information helps and any questions please ask.

    Happy Living!

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