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Ok I used to speak German until the fifth grade. I have not used german in YEARS(I am 21). i want to say You are weird. Why do you have a facebook if you do not use it? Anyways Your mother must be a very beautiful woman for both you and your brother to pick such beautiful women to be with.

This is what I have written

Du bist seltsam. Warum Sie haben ein facebook, wenn Sie es nicht benutzen? Sowieso muss deine Mutter sehr schön sein, damit dich und dein Bruder then I get confused

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    Ok, lets see...

    "Du bist seltsam" is right, you could also say "Du bist komisch". Both would be correct. In your next sentence you switch to "Sie" which, I gather from what you want to write, you don't need. You seem to be on familiar terms with the guy you're writing to, and addres him by his first name? If sou, you can keep addressing him with "Du". Notice: It is considered good style in German to capitalize the first letter of "Du" or "Sie" when writing to someone - yes, even in e-mails.

    Alright, back to the translation:

    "Warum benutzt Du facebook /hast Du einen facebook-account, wenn Du ihn nicht benutzt? Egal, Deine Mutter muß sehr hübsch sein, da Du und Dein Bruder euch beide so hübsche Freundinnen gesucht habt."

    or, if you do refer to the guy you're talking to by calling him "Mr. xy":

    "Sie sind seltsam. Warum benutzen Sie facebook/haben Sie einen facebook-account, wenn Sie ihn nicht benutzen? Egal. Ihre Mutter muß sehr hübsch sein, da Sie und Ihr Bruder sich beide so hübsche Freundinen gesucht haben."

    There you go. Practise a little! You've still got the basics! Good work!

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    German is hard I lived in Austria for 1 year as an Exchange student.... go to google translator

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    Scroll down to the German flag and click on. Ask your question there. You will get all kinds of answers.

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