Do you agree with my beliefs?

do you agree:

1. I believe that all life is sacred. I oppose the death penalty, abortion, and euthenasia, as well as embryonic stem cell research . The only times I support the taking of human life is at times where there is an imminent threat to innocent people. That's it.

2. I supported the Iraq War from the beginning, but I have begun to question it in recent years. I now wish we had never gone in there, but there is too much to lose by pulling out now. I supported the surge from the beginning, and am happy that it has worked.

3. I think everyone has the right to own a firearm. The government cannot always be trusted to protect the people. If owning a firearm can save the life of someone and their family, then they should be able to have them. Gun control laws mean well, but the criminals aren't going to listen to them.

4. I am against censorship, and in favor of people having the personal responsibility to know what is right and wrong. "****" being said on network television during the "family hour" is wrong. Always. And it shouldn't happen. But "****" being said on HBO is okay, because adults pay for it, which makes it private.

5. I support gay marriages, or at least civil unions. But a majority of people disagree with me, so they shouldn't be trampled over to accomodate the minority. As long as gays are not punished for being gay, people should make the call at the ballot box.

6. I support immigration. I don't support illegal immigration. I don't care if the illegal immigrants are Mexican, Venezuelan, Columbian, Chinese, Canadian, Italian, Irish, Swedish, Polish, Japanese, or Muppets. They are all breaking the laws, and they should all be punished. I do sympathize with poor people wanting to come here for work, and we need to find a way to let them here legally. But having an uncontrolled border(s) is insane, and should not happen.

7. I support small government, that is, minimal government involvement in peoples' lives.

8. Government has no right to tell privately owned businesses how to run that business.

9. Low taxes. Tax cuts across the board.

10. Cut domestic spending at least in half. No more Bridges to Nowhere in Alaska, or the 50 million pet projects in West Virginia under the leadership of Robert C. Byrd.

11. Gangsta rap music is destructive to not only the African American community, but to America as a whole. It glorifies violence and self-destructive behavior, and influences millions of impressionable kids. It is bad, plain and simple.

12. Don't trust the media.

13. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are socialists.

That's it for now.

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    1. You are in conflict with your own belief...if you believe that all life is scared then the taking of any life must offend matter who, what, when, where or why.

    2. See #1

    3. See #1

    4. If you are against censorship then you are pro what is going on in all media...harken back to See #1.

    5. I agree

    6. Watch Indy film "Romantico" then try and form an opinion.

    7. I agree

    8. I somewhat agree

    9. I agree

    10. I agree if we first cut foreign spending and support by 99%.

    11. See #4.

    12. I agree

    13. I agree but I prefer that over a Neo=Con lap dog which is what we have and what we will get if any republican gets the nod.

  • Anonymous
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    Well, im not going to tell you whether or not your beliefs are right or wrong because they are significant too you and the things that you do believe. So i will tell you my beliefs and how they contrast to yours.

    1. I also believe that all life is sacred. The death penalty, abortion, and euthanasia are all things that might be considered immoral. However, I feel that the government should not have a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. In all actuality a fetus is not considered a person until it is living and breathing on its own. That’s just the truth. I think it would be incredibly hard to try to make the mom be a good mom. The death penalty and euthanasia are definatly wrong and should not be used as a form of "population" control.

    Stem cell's?!?! They are frozen eggs that will be thrown away if not used for scientific research. What's more immoral? A microscope or a trash can. I hate for people to think how many baby's I have killed masturbating as a teenager.

    2. I think we all supported the war in the beginning for one reason or another. Anger, false intel, whatever. It’s very clear that we made a huge mistake. The surge? People do not realize that people in Iraq are paid to put the IED's on the road. This story comes from my 21 y/o brother who was over there for 15 months. The Army is supposed to fight wars, not make sure the Iraqi’s are shaking hands with each other.

    3. I like guns. I also like gun control. I like that I can have a gun and a criminal cannot. I think there is no need for a fully automatic, silenced m-16 with armor piecing rounds. A semi-auto glock 45 should do the job.

    4. I am against censorship too. However, I don’t want to here my kids hearing sponge bob say, "kiss my ***" either.

    5. I also support gay marriages. Once again this is evidence of the government making choices out of immorality rather than personal freedom. Who ever wants to be married should be married. Call it civil unions if you want; they can be miserable just like me. I though we were past discrimination?

    6. Totally with you on immigration. Gates on our borders.

    7. I also support small government, that is, minimal government involvement in peoples' lives. That means free to marry, abort (at most nothing past the beginning of the Third trimester), and whatever else you want as long as it doesn’t violate somebody’s person freedoms.

    8. Government has no right to tell privately owned businesses how to run that business. However, if the company is hiring illegal aliens and taking money from there people, who should step in? There has to be some government regulation there.

    9. Low taxes. Tax cuts across the board. STOP FRIVOLOUS SPENDING

    10. I Agree

    11. Gangster Rap??? Come on. Millions of people affected?? Lets get real. I have listened to all kinds of music and NONE of it has been influential to my successes or my failures. Thuggish activities have been around MUCH longer that Gangster Rap. I f you think about it, all music has its influences so you have to ask yourself, what influenced Gangster Rap? As a black male, it's a lot more than music. That is simply a cop out that parents say when they don’t want to blame themselves.

    12. I would not say don't trust the media?

    13. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are not socialists. Please save us the propaganda. There major issue is Healthcare. That’s it. We already have a lot of socialized things already. Postal service, school, police, firemen, libraries.....

    That's it for now.

    Source(s): Thanks for listening in advance
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    Loooooong question.

    1. I suppose you could argue that a fetis is a human life, however, a cell is a cell. Plain and simple. What makes a stem cell any different than the skin cells my cat just extracted from my arm?

    2. I was not in favor of the war, but now I am.

    3. I agree on the first part. However, there is no good intention behind gun control laws.

    4. You contradicted yourself. You said you were against, but then you said you for it during "family hour". I believe people should be able to say and write what they choose, but others do not have to hear it, publish it, or read it.

    5. This is not a "mob rules" democracy. All people have equal rights. Gays included.

    6. I agree.

    7. Definitely agree.

    8. I agree, as long as nobody's rights are being trampled.

    9. I agree.

    10. I agree.

    11. I agree ... kinda.

    12. I agree.

    13. Maybe.

  • 5 years ago

    Actually I disagree, you are committing a few logical fallacies: 1) Straw man: You mischaracterize the scientific perspective...special relativity states that time began at the big bang singularity because if you reduce the size of the singularity smaller than a plank length then the laws break down. Most scientists do not state that the universe began at the big bang, just that we cannot perceive anything before it, this is an important point that you are overlooking. 2) Complex Question: Why does something have to have a cause to exist? Cause implies purpose, but there is no evidence to support that matter requires purpose. 3) Special Pleading: The universe requires a creator, but the creator of the universe does not...why? All you did was create something and attribute the same characteristics to it that you find fallacious to begin with. 4) This is just an assertion without any evidence. The burden of proof is on you, the one making the claim. Matter can be changed into energy and vice versa, not exactly the same thing you are stating, but you are close enough. You now enter into another false dichotomy. Your logic is not sound.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ummmm.... No, not all life is precious, take for example, a killer's life would be equal to a lawyer? Get serious, or lets say a couch potato compared to someone who is helping the community, Hell's no.

    2) The surge may be working, but you will have to continue this for a long time before we can get any competent police officer there, so have fun in the bloody army.

    3) Guns do kill, sir, and if you don't like gangsta music, then keep guns away, form society as a whole.

    4) There is no such thing as 'Family Hour' in television, why don't the parent just make sure that the kid is not watching it in the frist place so other people can enjoy.

    5)I agree with you on that one

    6)We ****** up their country, we should help improve their condition.

    7)Small government is just doesn't work, small government wouldn't be able to do anything effectively.

    8)Well, if they hire a mob to attack strikers, or if they fired you for no reason, you would disagree with that statement.

    9) Tax cut would make America, and where I live even Shittier then it already is, if anything, more taxes should be raise to help the community.

    10) Well, we need to spend those on roads and Bridges, or improve existing on, hire more polices, etc.

    11) Well, Gangsta rap is a form of music, such as rock, or crappy country. They can listen to anything they want, and how about the adult listener. Are kids sheeps, doing everything they here.

    12) Where are we going to get the news, or do we depend on people on the internet, who don't know ****.

    13) Get the definition of 'SOcialist' before labing someone that.

    Source(s): Vote Labour!!!!! Edit: For Wyco, is Jia HUA, not Hoa, and Guns do kill, they are made for that single purpose, to kill.
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    2. I was against the war before we ever invaded because I knew what would happen.

    3. People should be allowed to own firearms, but I don't believe that should include automatic assault weapons.

    5. Would you have given the same leeway to those who believed in miscegenation? At one point they were the majority, too.

    11. I agree, but how does that jibe with 4?

    13. Not

  • Wyco
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    1 decade ago

    You sound Moderatly Conservative..

    I agree with you on most issues. Except and I hate to defend it because I can't stand the music.

    11. Gangsta Rap, You just said above that you're against Censorship and for personal responsiblity... It's not the Rap that makes those communities and kids bad, it's parents not teaching them right from wrong. And the music came from the same communities that you say are effected by the music.

    And you can find violece and bad influences in all kinds of music, I like Country music... But a lot of it is about Drinking and cheating. So should we change it because sooo many Rednecks like to drink and cheat?

    P.S. this is for Jia hou that said Guns do kill people sir....


    Saying Guns kill people is like saying Matches start forest fires. So should we ban all matches?

  • 1 decade ago

    good grief why would you be opposed to the death penalty?? if you had someone in your family brutally murdered!! would you want that person to live?? not me, and I'm for the union of a mom and dad, and I am not for the war, not any wars and good grief we have enough people in this country, not more immigration, other countries are oil rich, let them take care of their own, I'm tired of paying. 11 12 13 I agree with you and yes back east in one of the states, may Missouri, its against the law, not to own a firearm, no crime in the town at all. that's a good idea.and #8 yes the govt needs to stay out of the private owned business world, that is slowly going away, because of corporate America, and that has been in the plan for many years, get rid of private Enterprise that started happening in the 60's

    Source(s): clinton chronicles
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, absoulutly in each and every way. This is amazing, I once beleived that I was the only hard line conservative that supported gay unions. Well thank you to showing me I am not alone.

  • 1 decade ago

    except #1 I believe in the death penalty and euthansia. However I am against abortion and embryonic stemcell research.

    and 13

    I don't know that I'd call them "socialist", but liberalism itself these days is bordering on communism.

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