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Where can I buy japanese powdered green tea in Philadelphia?

I want to know a store in Philadelphia where they sell powdered green tea (like the one they use at Starbucks for the green tea latte). Where can I find it? (I want it to be in the Phialdelphia area)

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    I think what you're looking for is matcha green tea powder. It's what's used for a Japanese Tea Ceremony. You should be able to find it in specialty grocery stores and Asian markets.

    Take a look around Chinatown; there are a number of groceries & markets there. As for gourmet shops, I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Whole Foods (there's one on South St, and another around 20th & Callowhill); you might also try Chef's Market in Old City.

    There are also a number of tea shops in Philadelphia; Premium Steap may not have it, but I'm pretty sure you can get it at House of Tea (on 4th St).

    I *know* they carry it at Maido, a Japanese market in Narberth.

    Matcha can be expensive, especially compared to loose-leaf teas, but it is wonderfully versatile. In addition to lattes, it's used to make desserts like green tea ice cream (I've used it in baking--you can make green tea cake by taking a recipe for chocolate cake and substituting matcha for cocoa powder).

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    I'd go to the Reading Terminal to find some. There are a bunch of organic shops there and seems to me I remember it having organic tea/coffee products, plus its alot of fun

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    Wow, Thankss! Just what I was searching for. I tried looking for the answer on other websites but I couldn't find them.

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    Extremely curious about the answer to this

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