How can one retire with 15 million dollars?

What is the most one can accumalate reasonable from savings and smart investing, if one was smart enough with their money and investments is it feasible for one to retire at 67 with 15 million dollars? What are the basic for achieving this?


Details the person started when they were 25. They would make about 100k a year starting from say age 30. From age 25-29 they would have no dependents no debt, and average about 65 They would max our their IRA's. And invest approx 35% of their income from age 25-29, and revert about 20% once they get kids and hit 30 years old.

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    1 is not enough?

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    lets pretend you asked this question 30 years ago.

    The SP500 index was hovering around 90 back in Jan of 1978. Assuming your investing results were at least as good as the broad market returns (please note financial reports usually state that few mutual funds match this over time) then there has been, on average, 9.58% per year growth

    If you have 0 in savings, and you wish to retire in 30 years with 15 million, and you can match the broad market return of the last 30 years of 9.58%, then you must be able to put about $7,850 per month into your savings every month for the next 30 years!!

    of course, if you already have money you can invest, then the monthly payment can be less:

    if you have 100,000 right now, you can invest only $7,020 per month

    if you have 500,000 right now, you can invest only $3,770 per month

    if you have 1,000,000 right now, you don't have to add anything at all!!

    if you can do better than the overall market (it ~could~ happen) then you don't need as much initially or per month!

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    I don't believe you will get a basic answer to that in this forum because there are so many factors that go into something like this. You haven't mentioned how much the person makes- that is a BIG factor as to every other answer.

    You also didn't mention what age this person fictionally would be- that is also a factor in retiring at 67 with $15 million.

    It IS feasible to retire at 67 with $15 million but that depends on your earnings and the age you begin to save.

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    How old are you now? If you invest $500/month in a good mutual fund averaging 12% from age 18 to age 67, you will have around $17 million. 12% is the historical long term average of the US stock market.

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    The earlier that you get started in saving for retirement the easier it would be...But a simple answer to your question is NO, things would have to be under ideal conditions and you would have to invest a rather large monthly amount, that is not really feasible. For instance, If you invest 300.00 a month at 6% for 30 years, you should have around 350,000.00. So you do the math.

  • Ryan M
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    Other than win the lotto or hope you have a long lost rich uncle with no other heirs, you basically have no shot. It could be possible to make that much investing, but you would have to take numerous very high risks with your money and have almost unheard of returns. You may need to adjust your goals to a more reasonable amount ($1-3 million), if you want to retire a millionaire.

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    Because of limits on how much you can put into a 401k (now at $15,500) the 401k by itself won't get there. So open up an IRA too. And that's limited too so that still won't get you there. So open up a brokerage account at a stock brokerage. Before you start adding money to the brokerage account, max out the tax advantaged accounts first. Work hard, increase your income, spend less than you make (hopefully by a wide margin) and if you do good in your job and you make wise investment choices, you might make it. Good luck. It's a worthy goal and you're off to a good start.

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    Quite easily

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    Er yes, one could easily retire on that much money. Have fun.

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    That would all be dependent upon how much you need to sustain your current lifestyle.

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