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Does anybody know how far above sea level Peru is?

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    Peru has 3 regions: coast, highland and jungle. All towns in the coast are at sea level (Pacific Ocean) The highland is quite high, it varies from 1,000 metres above sea level upto 4,000 metres. The jungle is practically at sea level too. So it really depends where you are travelling in Peru, if it's Lima then no problem as it is at sea level. If you are going to the touristic places like Cuzco or Machu Pichu, then you are hgh above. But bear in mind that Cuzco is actually higher than Machu Pichu, places like Cuzco or Puno are at more or less 3,000 metres above sea level.

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    It really depends on what part of Peru you're referring to. Lima, the capital, is on the coast and not very high above sea level. Cuzco, where the famous Machu Picchu is, is about 11,000 ft. above sea level. The Andes Mountains run right through the country so it really just depends on where you're at.

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    It varies, places like Cajamarco and the sierra are super high. WHile LIma is next to the sea

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