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How Can I access...?

How can I access sites at school,

They've blocked everything,

I've tried,

and (no surprise) they've blocked it.

any one know a way to access sites?

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    If you can gain access to the command prompt, you can enter the following:

    ping (the url of the site here - EX: don't put http://www) [then press enter]

    When it's done with it's little testing, it will give you the IP (the set of numbers). Type that IP in the address bar instead of the site name. Bingo -- instant access!!!

    Don't get yourself in trouble for hacking though, and If you can't get a way to cmd (command prompt), you can't get to those sites....

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    I Suggest For You To Use A Computer That Is Not Connect To The School's Internet Access (I Suggest Libraries Or Your House Computer) and Go To "Www.PeaceFire.Org/Join/ "

    On Just Put Your Email On The Blank Box Left Of The "Subscribe Button" After You Put It Just Click On The "Subscribe Button"...And After That Just Sit And Wait For The Website To Send You Some Proxies To Your Email, and Now You Can Access The Proxy Websites At Any Computer With Internet Access And As long As Yahoo! Mail Isn't Blocked...Which Usually Its Not Blocked..

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