please help me figure this out?!?

If I am Philipino, does the make me an Asian or a Pacific Islander or both? I am not sure about this. please help!

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    That's a tough question for anyone,

    from Wikipedia:

    "Inhabitants of Russia's Kuril Islands, Alaska's Aleutian Islands, and the Taiwanese, Japanese, Filipino, and Indonesian islands, although technically bordering edges of the Pacific Ocean, do not fall under the definition of "Pacific Islanders" because such islands are not actually located within the Pacific or therefore any of the three regions of Oceania (Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia), and ethnicities native to the latter four among the aforementioned are thus classified as "Asians" on the U.S. Census. Despite this, a growing number of Filipino Americans have denied the classification of being "Asian",[citation needed] instead claiming to be "Pacific Islanders", which has provoked dismay among some Pacific Islanders who actually belong to the Oceanic cultures comprising the commonly accepted definition of the term, and has also prompted allegations of cultural denial from other Filipinos, the worldwide majority of whom identify themselves as being Asian (as the Filipino government has stated since its foundation that the Philippines is a part of Asia).

    "However, it should be noted that both groups, as well as aboriginals from Taiwan, other countries of Maritime Southeast Asia (including Indonesia), and the Madagascar Malagasy are all closely related ethnically and can be grouped together under one umbrella term, the Austronesians, which is a linguistic term.

    "There also seems to be a cultural gap between Filipinos from the Philippines and Filipino-Americans. This could also be the reason as to why many Filipino-Americans grow up not being able to speak a Filipino language or dialect, such as Tagalog. This issue was made apparent on the Filipino channel's show called, SPEAK OUT. In the episodes, Filipino Identity & Filipinos vs Fil-Ams, people discuss the issue of discrimination between both groups.

    "Nevertheless, Filipino-Americans who seem to identify with the term Pacific Islander use it because the term "Asian" in the U.S. is incorrectly & ignorantly used to identify mainly East Asians such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans. Some also do not identify with the term "Asian" because of the racial stereotypes, which are usually enforced by the U.S. media. Some Filipino-Americans are also known to claim being of Hispanic descent.

    "It should also be taken into account that the Philippines isn't the only country in Asia that has the Austronesian background. Austronesian constitutes the dominant ethnic group in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, the Pattani region of Thailand, and East Timor inside the Malay Archipelago, in Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia inside Oceania, in Madagascar, and in the Cham areas of Vietnam, Cambodia, and China (the remnants of the Champa kingdom which covered central and southern Vietnam). So bringing up the Austronesian background as a reason to justify not being Asian is invalid. This can be seen as a example as to how racial stereotypes through the media has crippled the identity of a particular group.

    "Further information shows that Pacific Islander refers exclusively towards OCEANIA. Contrary to generalizations, Asian is not exclusive to the Far East. There is also no mention of Filipinos or the Philippines being part of the Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association. However, The Philippines is part of the ASEAN (Association of SE Asian Nations), therefore FILIPINOS are not PACIFIC ISLANDERS.

    "Contrary to popular usage by Filipino-Americans, U.S. Census Bureau also does not include Filipinos under the category of Pacific Islanders.

    "Pacific Islander: Polynesian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan, Other Polynesian, Micronesian, Guamanian, Other Micronesian

    "Asian: Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Asian Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, Thai, Other Asian

    "Further studies in regards to Filipino lineage, a Stanford University study conducted during 2001 revealed that Y-chromosome Haplogroup O3-M122 (labeled as "Haplogroup L" in this study) predominates among Filipino males. This particular haplogroup is also predominant among Chinese and Korean males. That finding is consistent with the theory that people migrated from China south into the Philippines."

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    Pacific Islanders include the Philippines. They are a Malayo-Polynesian group, which is not mainland Asian. Geographically, it's Asia, but ethnically, it's Pacific Islanders. Of course, if you are Chinese-descent, as some people in the Philippines are, that is East Asian. If you live in a western country, Filipinos usually just say they are Asian.

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    Earthian, as are we all(except for the Martians who have not come out of he closet yet). In 100(?) years there will be no more races; we will all be intermixed to a medium brown; our international language will be text messaging, and clothing will be optional(depending on the weather). Oh, and marriage will cease to exist: we will choose our partners(5 year contracts only) on the internet according to Numerology.

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    Who you are represents you and your roots. Your roots represent the people who are your descendants. Here in America, where we are inundated by concepts involving lineage, roots, politics, gender, elections, etc., it is safe to say that we have all gotten just a little bit carried away by labels. A Caucasian man, when greeted by a woman with a significant amount of melanin in her skin is challenged by these preconceived notions regarding her gender and her race. One article recently asked the question posed by voters in our upcoming election about a person stuggling with her decision. "Should I vote for Senator Clinton because of my gender, or for Senator Obama because of my race?" was her query. Such shortsightedness does not benefit anyone. Consider yourself you, and your roots to be of neither good nor evil stock. Lastly, it can be very irritating when an individual who lives in the United States is referred to as an African American because of the pigment of his or her skin, when in actuality the person's family never resided in Africa. And lately, more politically correct individuals refer to our indigenous peoples as Native Americans, to which they could respond, my ancestors came across the land bridge from Asia centuries before Amerigo Vespucci was ever born. (FYI - Vespucci is the Italian who was first to lay out a complete map system of our piece of land, and that is where we got the term Americans.) You may not have been looking for all of this, but I hope it doesn't bother you. To make a long story longer, don't worry about your question. Just realize you are very unique, special and complete in and of yourself.

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    I would say Asian.

    Pacific Islander is usually describing the people from Fiji, Samoa, etc. (Polynesia)

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