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i just went to the bathroom and when i went to check for cm it came out stretchy,but with a yellowish color...does this mean im ovulating and if so could i have sex tomorrow and still have a good chance of conceiving???


there is no odor to it.

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    Fertile CM is usually clear to whitish, not yellow. This is what you want to look for. If it is thicker and creamy in texture, this isn't the CM you are looking for. Make sure you are checking your CM at the same time every day (first thing in the morning is best). Good luck!

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    Did you have sex last night? I usually have yellowish, stretchy discharge the morning after sex. This could just be left over semen. It does not have an odor, so I know it is not an infection.

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    It should be clear like egg-white and stretchy - yellow can be a sign of infection, as is any odor. Perhaps you should call your doctor.

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    if it stretches then that is fertilre cervical mucus and i would also try the calender method. look at the date when your period first starts and count ahead 14 days and that is when u ovulate u will be surprised on how correct that is!!! good luck sweetie!

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