How do I create site for user-posted content?

I'm interested in creating a website similar to, and also Quizilla. The problem is, I have no idea where to start.

I've been a member of for two years, and I've just recently made the decision to leave it. Their upcoming reformation is totally not my thing, and to stay would be stupid. Anyway, I submit original stories and also fanfic. Many people are leaving Quizilla and looking for other sites to post their original works. I really want to make a website like that.

I'm asking how to do that. What kind of code do I need to make to allow users to post their own stuff in a way similar to the websites I mentioned? Please give me any links that are relevant. I can figure out how to make a website, but I need to know how to make it the way I want it.


Thanks for the answers. They were all great, but I could only pick one! :]

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    1 decade ago
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    get macromedia dream weaver it works good u just need modern html preatty easy to learn :P

  • Pfo
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    1 decade ago

    The real trick is using a database and a server side language like PHP or ASP to dynamically create the pages based on the content the database contains. You might have a table containing stories, each record would contain the user that posted the story, the time they posted the story, the title and the body text. You might have a page that lists all the stories posted; it would be dynamically generated by fetching the stories from the database and listing them in the page with a hyperlink pointing them to another page and passing the record ID of the story, when the user clicks the link, the content for that story is fetched and that page is dynamically generated.

    This is the general idea, all sites that are dynamic like this are using a piece of software known as a content management system. For yourself, it might be best to stay simple with your system and design it specifically for the site you want.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, you can write your own code if you know how to do that or if somebody can do that for you, but that's not an easy task and there's a gazillion of little things that have to be taken care of.

    You can also use one of existing CMS (Content Management Systems), that are designed specifically for that purpose.

    Here are three popular ones that will likely work for you:




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