my messngr ws nt wrkng prprly so i uninstlld it,nd i m nt able 2 instl it again.... wat 2 do????????

i tried 2 install it several times frm bt it didnt wrkd ...

plzzzzzz help me,i m nt able 2 cntct my frndzz

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    1 decade ago
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    before you try again to install messenger, do these things:

    make sure you have run all virus & spyware programs, run disc clean and defraged times 2, make sure in add/remove programs that all copies of yahoo messenger all removed so that you only have one on there when your done.

    if you do not have good protection here is a list;






    BOTH FOUND AT or go to yahoo and enter in search box - AVGfree and the first or 1. Item that is listed is the web site for you to go to.

    Once there you will see advertisement for both free & paid plus updates, at the left upper side you’ll see download for free basic protection, click the orange download bar and this will get the free program for AVG virus

    Under that picture you will see the words AVG anti-spy ware Free edition the writing is in orange, click it for your download of AVG anti spy ware program

    If for any reason someone just needs the updates to the current program and cannot download on their machine, a person a look to bottom right corner of page and find them, put on jump drive and just plug in and AVG will find it when you click update on the program. (this is just for the virus program)

    Now for your next layer of protection download the following also but remember you can only run one program at a time, but each of these will fine things the other didn’t.

    Spybot search & destroy found at

    Superantispyware found at

    And finally go to this web site for this program to clean up your internet history, cookies, browser history, recycle bin, IE Explorer, etc all the boxes can be preset and basically in 4 steps you can clean computer. It does so well that disc clean usually only will find 32-100MB after its done go to the freeware section, look for Internet Cleanup, then look for the software called IE Privacy Keeper

    Last but not least do Defrag at least 2 times in a row even if program says not needed, as XP Defrag program isn’t the best and needs to be run more often.

    And also go to for free registry repair programs or to and to their freeware section to find them also.

    now go to :

    and see if this helps as some times if you have a virus or spyware on computer this will keep it from installing or to many cookies, access history etc.

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