please post your knowledge about the presidential candidates..?

I have been so buisy and not able to listen to all the candidates for presidents..this is what I am looking for in a president,,can someone tell me if this fits any one of the candidates

1. a president who believes in good health care

2. a president who knows the value of a dollar,who might have worked doing manual labor or other jobs that required good ol hard work and injunity. who knows what it's like to live short of paycheck to paycheck'

3. a president who is not afraid to go kick butt on forien soil if the us comes under attack again. someone who will work for our country.

4 a president who believes in God and prayer

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago
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    OK, the candidate that best fits that description is Barack Obama in my Opinion. He has a near Universal health care plan that allows people to opt out if they have their own health care, which cuts the overall cost of the plan. "The economist", an international weekly political magazine, the focuses on economics, judged his economic stimulus plan to be the best. He formerly worked as a community organizer, making $12,000 a year (just over minimum wage at the time) working with a group of churches in the Chicago area to bring about social change before he decided to go to law school to fight for social change via a different route.

    Obama has said that he is willing to leave all options on the table when dealing with other countries, and I believe that all of the candidates would be quick to fight on foreign soil if America comes under attack.

    To find the candidate that is most like yourself, follow the link below. It will have issues, and will be difficult to follow criteria such as doing manual labor, or had to live paycheck to paycheck, but should help you decide on the other issues you find important.

  • Anonymous
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  • 1 decade ago

    You sound like a right-wing reactionary. That being the case, you can pretty much vote for any of the candidates.

    "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." -- Sinclair Lewis

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Romney

    2. Edwards (Reagan did too his father was the town "drunk)

    3. Hillary Clinton, McCain

    4. All of them believe in God and are Christians... all of them pray and believe in Jesus

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  • Maudie
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    1 decade ago

    Romney meets all of your criteria.

  • 1 decade ago

    the rest tabloid politics

  • Caesar
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    1 decade ago

    I would say Clinton should be your candidate.

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