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Is abortion murder?

Abortion is a very divisive issue. It pushes people to extreme and decisive viewpoints…..What do you think about abortion? Why do you think that you thin about it?

Is abortion murder? Why or why not?

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    Zim, indeed a very controversial subject and one that spark heated debates. Abortion in my opinion is murder and I do not think we have the right to take any life.

    Then again and you have to put yourself in the shoes of many woman. More people will support abortion if a woman is raped. What is the difference then?. If your wife/girlfriend gets raped, will you then support abortion?

    I doubt if there will ever be any consensus on this subject and make yourself ready for many more heated debates in years to come.

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    It's only 100% murder if you're a religious fundamentalist. If you're not, you can use reason to look at the issue in more depth.

    Depending on the country you live in, abortion generally isn't murder if it's performed in the first 3 months of the pregnancy. In the UK (my country) It's perfectly legal (ie not murder) to have an abortion if the pregnancy is less than 24 weeks old. The same is the case in pretty much all western countries I know about, and I guess south africa is the same. Any later than that and you won't be allowed to have one unless your own life is in danger.

    When trying to decide if it's murder or not, remember that a foetus is not a human being yet, it doesn't feel pain or emotion like a child or an adult. The question is, at what point does a foetus become developed enough to start feeling pain and emotion?

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    Oh Zim,

    Here comes the thumbs down...

    Is abortion murder?...

    If you asked a women who can't conceive, and so badly wants a child; Then yes it is.

    - Share the gift of life, and unselfish act, to bring joy to the unfortunate.

    If you asked a person / mother who has lost a baby / child;

    Yes it is wrong to abort

    - You will never feel, hold, or given a chance to love, if so quick to dispose of.

    If you are raped, so badly with haunting effects : Yes it is wrong to abort, BUT...

    - Who could blame you, if never lived your worst nightmare

    If choice between mother, or child, or both if carried:

    Then no it isn't murder.

    - It would be an unselfish act, of pure consequences

    When their is a heartbeat, moments, and pulse: Then yes it is murder.

    -A gift from God, should not be taking so lightly, as no one knows where tomorrow lies.

    - For what one does today, may effect them in the future

    Just my opinion, for all it's worth. I'm not judging, and do however realize it is a personal choice.

    - Thank you

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    I am going to be biased because I am mother.

    I haven't walked in the shoes of a woman deciding to abort her child. I cant slam her or decide for her but in my books it is extremely wrong. Bringning a life into the world isnt a walk in the park. If you lay in the bed, you have to make it. If you were raped, it is fully understandable.

    But to be two consenting people and do something, then not want to deal with the effect is totally irresponsible. Why have unprotected sex if you aren't able to deal with the effects? To discard of an innocent life after you've had your fun. Surely its bound to leave a scar no medicine can heal. Unless you are cold hearted, its bound to cause you guilt. Many women have managed.

    I just think its wrong, but still - I have room to understand if anyone can make me see the light. If you enjoyed the leisure of sex without contraceptives but cant handle the outcome? That is beyond my understanding.

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    I think only women can decide if abortion is murder or not. I have 2 children have a big belly with a little baby inside you whose heart is beating, who twists, kicks and turns is an indescribable feeling and experience. It makes you feel like Mother Earth herself. I can never abort a baby that is growing inside me. I am anti abortion being used as birth control. But I will ask and tell you this: A woman who have aborted her child will for the rest of her natural life think and wonder about that child.....not to do that will be inhumane.

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    If one has to go right down to the nitty gritty of it, yes, denying a "potential" being of its "potential" life is murder. But one must also see that a foetus at the time of being aborted was not capable of life yet. Many other things could have happened to it. There are just too many pros and cons to be taken into consideration. A childless couple may see it as a crime, and a couple with 6 children may see abortion as a relief. It depends on what side of the fence the arguers are sitting.

    Is pulling a plant out of the ground NOT murder? That is also denying a living thing of its right to exist??

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    I think "Yes". Because Feotus has life.

    What is abortion?

    Abortion is the removal of a fetus from the body of its host (a pregnant woman) which typically results in the death of the fetus.

    Abortion is pro-life; anti-abortion is anti-life


    Why is abortion not murder?

    Murder is the taking of the life of another human being through the initiation of physical force. Abortion is not murder, because a fetus is not a human being -- it is a potential human being, i.e. it is part of the woman. The concept murder only applies to the initiation of physical force used to destroy an actual human being, i.e., such as when "pro-life" terrorists bomb abortion clinics.


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    It depends on your life views and whether or not you think it is.

    I believe that some places conduct abortions at 7 months. A child can live at that point if born prematurely. If it is done in the 1st trimester it is okay.

    Either way it is a tough decision for the person choosing this option.

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    I'm not a conservative person but i am extremely against abortion because IT IS MURDER. Sure one might think "The government has no right to tell a woman what she can or can't do to her own body." But i think that THE WOMAN HAS NO RIGHT TO TAKE SOMEONE'S LIFE AWAY.

    Source(s): I'm a liberal feminist who believes abortion to be murder.
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    I generally do not support it - especially amongst teens and married women. Teens - it could spoil their ability to have kids later in life and an unplanned baby is not a curse.

    Married women - you are in a stable relationship and finances are no reason enough to terminate a life that also deserves a chance of survival.

    I only suport it if it is as a result of rape, incest or is medically indicated. Otherwise, it is nothing less than killing.

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