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高人請入...A lesson in my life(100-260words) (10點!!)

高人請入...A lesson in my life(100-260words) (10點)

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    My best friend is Joy .She is 12 years old.We were friends when we were primary 5 students.I always call her when I have questions about my homework.She is smart because she can solve my problem each time.I like Maths and Language as she does.We always have recess together when I am not on duty.I will buy her some snacks when we have recess together.

    One day,Michelle called her Momo.When I asked her whether she loved this nickname,she said she hated it.I try to tell Michelle that Joy did not like this name but she did not listen to me.So we quarrel together.Then Joy gave me a Christmas present and a card.I forgave her and we had recess together.

    Last week,we had quarrel again because Miss Chan had to choose the drama characters.Joy and I loved acting too.So we put up our hands to act in the drama.The drama was "New Cinderalla".But Miss Chan choose me to act the Cinderalla and Joy was unhappy.She thought I was not good enough to act in this drama.I said sorry and promised her I would let her to act in the next drama.

    No one can affect our friendship.Our friendship will last forever.

    I hope I can help you

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