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At that moment Abby sat on the whoopee cushion and let out an enormous, rude noise. Wow-Wow jumped off his seat and ran away.

"Well!" said Mrs. Hislop and hurried from the room and out of the house.

When the door banged shut Abby and Mum burst out laughing until Mum's moustache hung on by a whisker and Abby's vampire teeth dropped out.

Abby came to sit on her Mum's knee.

"It's fun doing this together," she said.

"Maybe. But we still haven't found the change purse." They both looked at the enormous heap of things spread over the kitchen table.

"Well, you know things will get lost, or broken, when they're all willy nilly," Abby said.

"You cheeky monkey!" Mum laughed. "But what shall I do with it all?"

"I know, it's easy," Abby said and began to scoop everything off the table into her arms. She dumped it all back in the kitchen drawer.

< 3 > Mum looked at her suspiciously.

"Let's go and inspect your bedroom shall we."

Abby followed her upstairs and into her bedroom. Wow-Wow was sitting in front of her fish tank looking hungrily at the goldfish. He dashed under the bed when he saw Mum and Abby. Mum kneeled down and lifted the bed cover to get him out. Underneath were heaps of Abby's toys, books, tapes, clothes and shoes, empty plastic cups and wrappers and a half-eaten sandwich on a plate.

"Abby! What's all this?"

"It's my tidy drawer," Abby said. She wrapped her arms around her Mum and gave her a kiss. "Let's sort this one out together now."

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    Mrs. Hislop 說"非常好",並且倉促的從房間跑離屋子。當門發出砰的一聲時,Abby和媽咪突然大笑,直到媽咪的假八字鬍鬚掉了下來和Abby的假吸血鬼牙也掉了下來,兩人才停止狂笑。













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    在那片刻Abby 坐了在whoopee 坐墊和讓極大, 粗魯的噪聲。哇哇跳躍了他的位子和跑掉了。"好!" 前述夫人Hislop 和趕緊從屋子和在房子外面。當門被猛擊關閉了Abby 和媽咪破裂了笑直到媽咪的髭垂懸了由頰鬚和Abby 的吸血鬼牙脫離。Abby 來坐在她的媽咪的膝蓋。"這是樂趣一起做這," 她說。"可能。但我們仍然未發現變動錢包。" 他們兩個看事極大的堆延長了廚房用桌。"很好, 您知道事將得到失去, 或打破的, 當他們willy nilly 是全部," Abby 說。"您厚臉皮猴子!" 媽咪笑。"但什麼我將做與它所有?" "我知道, 這是容易," Abby 說和開始挖出一切桌入她的胳膊。她傾銷了它全部在廚房抽屜。媽咪可疑看她。"放棄了和檢查您的臥室將我們。" Abby 跟隨了她在樓上和入她的臥室。哇哇坐在她的魚缸前面飢餓地看金魚。他該死在床下當他看見了媽咪和Abby 。媽咪跪下來和舉床蓋子得到他。下面是Abby

    的玩具堆、書、磁帶、衣裳和鞋子、空的塑料杯子和封皮和一個一半被吃的三明治在板材。"Abby! 什麼是所有這?" "這是我整潔的抽屜," Abby 說。她包裹了她的胳膊在她的媽咪附近和給了她親吻。"我們整理這一個一起現在。"

    Source(s): 這是我找到的翻譯~佈知道對不對= =
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