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cherish asked in 科學其他:科學 · 1 decade ago

請問讀過航太系的 什麼是Kutta condition

1.請問讀過航太系的 什麼是Kutta condition,

2.真的有對稱翼面機嗎? 他是用什麼原理 來為飛機提供升力


感謝大大 有沒有中文的白文版 這個 theroem得白化文解釋?

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    Kutta condition

    The Kutta condition is a principle in steady flow fluid dynamics, especially aerodynamics, that is applicable to solid bodies which have sharp corners such as the trailing edges of airfoils. It is named for German mathematician and aerodynamicist Martin Wilhelm Kutta.

    In fluid flow around a body with a sharp corner the Kutta condition refers to the flow pattern in which fluid approaches the corner from both directions, meets at the corner, and then flows away from the body. None of the fluid flows around the corner and remains attached to the body.

    In the flow of air around an airfoil the Kutta condition exists when air flowing over the topside and air flowing under the underside meet at the sharp trailing edge. There is no flow of air around the trailing edge and forward toward the leading edge of the airfoil. The sharp trailing edge lies in the wake. Careful observation has confirmed that flow around the sharp trailing edge of the airfoil can occur momentarily when the airfoil first begins to move relative to the air, but after the airfoil has moved only a short distance the Kutta condition becomes established and remains established.

    The Kutta condition is significant when using the Kutta-Joukowski Theorem to calculate the lift generated by an airfoil. The value of circulation of the flow around the airfoil must be that value which would cause the Kutta condition to exist.

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