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ICRT 英文翻譯 幫幫忙!!






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    Good evening, at six o'clock, I'm Michael Woodward.

    (The)First Taiwan news, just a Day after hinting Malawi might come to economy tie from China. Foreign Minister James Huang today stated the bilateral ties remain unchanged. Speaking at the ministry UN news conference, Huang says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lilongwe has received the assurance from both Malawi authority and Malawi Ambassador to Taiwan tangle Malawian after a series of close contacts.Huang reiterate that his ministry will do he can to maintain concrete friendship with Malawi, but will not compete with China for so-called money diplomacy.Huang yesterday dismissed report aid China offered 6 billion US dollars to switch recognition with Beijing but said: China economic enticements are hard for a country to refuse. Despite saying the day ties are stable, Huang says his ministration remain highly visual on dollar issue, especial giving another report say Malawi minister had gone to Beijing for talks. In a separate matter, Huang says his ad ministry had advised President Chen to attend the inauguration ceremony of Guatemalan president on January 14th, but added our decision had not been made as Taiwan holds legislative election just 2 days prior to that on 12th.

    Convenient stores in Taipei Sin-in district are gearing up for the New Year’s Eye as half millions of people are expected to show up for the event in front of Taipei City Hall. Some of them, the convenient stores have stocked to five times of supply of tissue paper, hot dogs, beverage drinks, and chewing gum. When the cold weather is coming, many stores also prepare plenty instant soup noodles and warming bags. Worry of competition, this year Taipei county government had decided not to hold any era cerebrations.

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    Source(s): 自己的英文聽力+網路搜尋, 有錯請不吝更正
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