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Did President Bush know he hired a trainwreck in Former AG Alberto Gonzales?

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    Bush STILL thinks Alberto Gonzales was doing a GREAT JOB:

    'President Bush on Monday said he reluctantly accepted the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose "good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons."

    After months of standing by his top prosecutor and "close friend," Bush spoke briefly in Texas to praise Gonzales, saying the attorney general endured "unfair treatment that has created harmful distraction at the Justice Department."

    Bush said it's "sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person" is impeded "from doing important work."...'

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    The reptiles, despised all over the world, put him as a front man. They chose him because he was dumb. That way, he can be a good boy. He does not choose his stuff, the reptilian race does. He appears on TV screens and around the world as the strongest man on earth - nothing farther from the truth. He doesnt even know where he is. He cant remember the way to the restroom so he always has a bucket nearby. The reptiles did not make a good decision in putting the man you named because they thought a dumb needed a dumb. It was way too much. And it was way too late.

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    No--Gonzales was a given a very high rating by judicial review groups before going to washington with Bush.

    He is the son of immigrants who worked his way up to become a very promienent figure in the judicial system.

    He fell on his sword for BUSH because of the Federal Prosecutors he fired---but he had a perfect right to fire them--they work for him afterall--but this was not good enough to keep political pressure off of his boss--so he had to go.

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    Nope, he didn't know.

    But most of the time, Bush would hire unsuitable people for jobs that they are not trained for.

    That's one of his greatest faults.

    He didn't know how to select people for the jobs based on their qualifications.

    It was more of a case of surrounding himself with like-minded people.

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    Most of the staff of Bush were below par making his administration one of the worst.

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    bush only cared about the "good ol boys" club and not bringing in anyone who is actually qualified.

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