E-2 Visa to Permanent Resident or similar.?

Is there anyway to change an E-2 (investor's) visa to a permanent resident status or even naturalization? I've been here for 5 years going on 6 in June and I was just wondering what my options are. I really would like to become a citizen so i can participate in elections, but i know that's too farfetched. I just want to know my options for switching status to become a permanent resident or something similar.

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    Hiya! Really glad I saw your question so I can answer! In the final stages of going through the same thing myself at the mo. You can go through the PERM process.

    Fast run through on how it works:

    PERM process.

    1st step is get a labor certificate. This takes between 6 to 10 months.

    2nd step is to file a form I-140 (petition for immigrant worker; this is different from a work visa as it is an immigrant visa rather than a non immigrant visa such as a H1B). This takes approx 10 months of processing time.

    3rd Apply for an Adjustment of status to permanent resident with form I-485 (green card). The processing time on this is approx 10 months but can run into as long as 5 or 6 years. HOWEVER, there can be a wait of up to 10 years to be allowed to file for a AOS (I-485) after being approved for a labor cert. (the date the labor cert is approved is called the priority date, this is the date refered to on visa bulletings for AOS if you want to check these out on the department of state website)

    Quite involved & expensive, including attorney fees my whole immigration process has cost $24/25 K. The PERM process is fairly new (March of 05). Look it up online, this is a definite real option for you.

    Be aware that any time you spend on your E visa does NOT count towards your being eligible for citizenship. e.g. it can take up to 5 years (longer if you are from an over subscribed country) to get a green card, then the clock starts ticking on when your 5 years for citizenship starts, it has nothing to do with how long you are in the states. So in your case you are looking really at at least 15 years living in the states prior to being eligible.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions or add an edit to your answer & I will be more than happ to share any tips/experience on the process with you.

    Good luck on what ever route you choose! :-)

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      how could i contact you?

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    The E-2 Visa is for citizens of countries with which the United States maintains a Treaty of Commerce and Navigation that are coming to the U.S. to make a substantial investment in a commercial enterprise that is not marginal in nature.

    At the Law Offices of Simone Bertollini, I have helped many clients get the E2 Visa for investments in various businesses, such as restaurants, pizzerias, and ice cream parlors. I am one of the very few Immigration Lawyers in New Jersey to have been a business investor in E-2 Visa status before becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident.

    I offer complete and personalized solutions for any kind of investments. My services include:

    Business Plan review;

    Company formation;

    Purchase of an existing Company;

    Commercial real estate leases;

    Visa petitions for the investor and his family.

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    my parents have an E-2 visa, and they're currently in the process of getting permanent residency. However, it's not simple at all. An immigration lawyer has to do all the paperwork-- and it's not just applying for permanent residency. Rather, my father is trying to get a green card based on a highly qualified work position being offered here in the US.

    That's the only way, at least according to our lawyer.

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