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How does Rotary helps the poor compare to UNICEF?

Whats is the difference between Rotary and UNICEF?

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    Rotary is a membership/service organization. It primarily fundraises, through its membership, for international efforts, and sponsors some projects in the developing world.

    UNICEF is not a membership organization. It is a very large agency that has people trained in health care, children's education, and other sectors that can directly impact the health and well-being of children in the developing world. They have many more projects than Rotary, and also engage in research the provides statistics to groups like Rotary regarding children's well-being in the developing world.

    One is not better than the other; they have different approaches, and are very different in terms of size and budget.

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    The following information is quoted directly from :

    " Throughout its history, Rotary International has collaborated with the United Nations, governments, and nongovernmental organizations to improve the human condition.

    The greatest example of Rotary’s effective collaborations is its flagship program, PolioPlus, which aims to eradicate polio worldwide. Working with spearheading partners UNICEF, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization, Rotary has contributed over US$600 million and countless volunteer hours to help immunize more than two billion children against the crippling and often fatal disease. Learn more.

    Cooperative efforts are also a key element of Rotary’s local service. Rotary clubs in Toronto, for example, have worked with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for deserving families in the community. Similar collaborations have helped Rotary’s 1.2 million club members promote goodwill, service, world understanding, and peace in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. "

    The previously quoted information should clarify the difference between Rotary and Unicef. Basically, one operates outside the US and the other partners with and operated inside the US and some outside US work. They do work for different causes but all are humanitarian work to improve the quality and life of those less fortunate.

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    Rotary is an organization of service clubs,

    UNICEF was created by the united nations

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