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My dog hit a car that left the scene- should I pay?

We are responsible dog owners who leash and control our dogs. One morning one of our dogs got away from my husband at the door and ran into a busy streets striking a passing car. My husband was off the porch after the dog and only seconds behind him. The driver didn't slow down or stop to check his car or the dog. He just left the scene. Luckily our dog was only stunned and a little sore. Three hours later the driver filed a police/accident report claiming damages. He stated int the report that he saw my husband running after the dog. The local police arrived at our door that evening to get a statement from us. No citations were issued. Several weeks later we received a letter from the mystery driver's insurance company trying to collect 1300.00 for repairs. We know we are responsible for our dog and his actions but frankly are furious that the driver left the scene. Two lawyers have told us not to pay and let them try to take us to civil court. What do you think?


We did not have insurance on the dog - we do now. We live in a small town and the police officer who took our statement that night was nice but seemed uninterested in pursuing the hit and run issue. The insurance company categorized it as if he had hit a deer and said he wasn't required to stop and that maybe he was afraid we would sic the dog after him for hitting it!!?? Our dog is a 100 ib husky and probably could have caused the damage. Does anyone know if a car vs animal can still be considered a hit and run? I have done internet searches with no luck.

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    If what you say is true, do not pay them and let them take you to court. They left the scene of... well, a hit and run, and that seems v-illegal and shady to me. Who knows what they hit before or after.

    Is your dog big?

    There is no way they can prove their claim, besides it sounds like they were speeding?

    If I was a judge, I would laugh this out of court.

    if it goes thru I would counter sue for wreckless endangerment of the neighborhood, and hit and run, since they left the scene of a crime.

    BTW: do you have homeowners? you might want to discuss it with your agent.

  • Fred C
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    The first thing you should have done was file a hit-and-run report when he hit the dog. Just because the dog was loose is not excuse for leaving the scene of the accident, and that is what is was. Perhaps it isn't too late to have the police charge him. The demands for payment are evidence he knew there was an accident.

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    i know in delaware the police don't make reports for dog vs veh accidents. he should have stopped if he hit something- dog, car, bike or otherwise to inspect for damage. esp if he saw your husband there.

    let him take you to court where you can fight it.

    i doubt there is that much damage after hitting a dog.

    let him prove it was damage caused by your dog since he left and you weren't contacted for several hours after the incident.

  • jackie
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    He was in the wrong,do to he didn't call police when this

    happen and not get out see if your dog was ok. If you was in the wrong the police would of file papers on you and they didn't.

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    counter sue his underwear off.

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