How Do I Sing Higher Notes?

I was wondering how to sing higher notes. Im actually a decent singer but I was wondering how to achieve hitting higher notes like some of my favorite bands. Like the singer from incubus. I know a singing coach would do wonders but anything I can do at the house or shower :)? thanks.

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    ok, im guessing your male. So while practicing your scales gives you a bigger vocal range, proper classical posture will make it even easier. The basics are: Stand up straight, take deep breaths into your tummy and not your chest (don't puff up your chest, just your tummy) and upen up the back section of your mouth (the soft pallate-- it should feel like it does when you yawn). When you open up the soft pallate, your voice has more room to vibrate and it makes you sound more beautiful and free. If you want to practice in your shower, then do it! That place has the best acoustics. Just apply the things i taught you and you should do even better. But yea, a good vocal coach who can teach you a classical style will do wonders, just like you said. Classical singing can be your base to build your own style.

    Good luck! I bet you already sound amazing!


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    First you need to make sure you are singing and breathing correctly. The best test is to take a deep breathe and as you breathe in stick your stomach out. That will allow air to collect in your diaphragm. Then let it out through your mouth using an "S" sound. It's a good tool to make sure you're breathing correctly. Apply that same method while singing a song of your choice and you should feel a difference after a while. When breathing right you can practice on expanding your range.

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    Definitely use your diaphragm...Duff's method may work but your woman may have issue with that method. Lots of alone time practice and do breath exercises to ensure the notes you hit are strong and have your gut support. If I practice I can sing Opera in my sleep but otherwise I lose a lot of range so practice away my friend...

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    Practice (in key) going up and down in a scale fashion every day...

    every few days add one note higher, and see if you can sing it in pitch.

    Scales help you to practice being in key, and also stretch out your vocal muscles to give you the ability to reach a little higher all the time.

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    Open your use your diaphram to well as push you tounge to the bottom of your mouth your yawning well as closing your eyes will help you sing higher.....Brandon Boyd is an awesome singer BTW

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    Sing from your Diaphragm.

    Usually, amateurs ( not calling you one ) .. who have not consulted a coach sing from their noses and heads,

    Which, BTW, is not good.

    Singing from your Diaphragm WILL do WONDERS.

    Source(s): Haha, Im a shower-singer.. And I watch too much T.v =P
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    Here is a great voice lesson video that will help you out.

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    a lot

    all the time

    (probably alone, lol)

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