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How do u say awesome in Japanese? is it Kakkoii?

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    We have several ways."Kakkoii" is also okay.

    "Saikou"(最高):the best




    I think these are all okay as "awesome".

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    Awesome In Japanese

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    =cool, neat, flash, stunning, awesome

    not for girl before. contain the meaning of menly, modern



    you can use for everything

    when you want to say about feminine dress for woman (used loooots of lacework or something like that)

    you can say 'sugoi kireidane'

    you cannot say 'kakkoii ne'

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    you can say かっこいい(kakkoii) but that is mainly used for people. you can say すごい(sugoi) or すごいな(sugoi na) to say that something is awsome.

    good luck.

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    1) smart

    2) handsome, good-looking

    3) having a good sense

    Ah-noh-hih-toh wah kohkkoh-ih-ih.

    (He is smart/handsome/has a good sense.

    Ah-noh-hih-toh = he, that man, she, that woman

    Kahkkoh-ih-ih koh-toh suh-ruh neh.

    (He bahave smartly. )

    koh-toh = thing, matter, issue

    suh-ruh = to do, to beHe does it with a good sense.have

    neh = a word making a tag question

    Kahkkoh-ih-ih koh-toh ih-uh neh.

    He talks smartly.

    He talks with a good sense.

    iuh = to say, talk, speak

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    The answer is "sugoi" or " suggoi"!

    "suggeee" is mens' slang.

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