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General opinion about ballet?

This question is more to the non-dancing crowd, but all are welcome to share their opinion. So anyways, do you feel that ballet is, I don't know... not cool or preppy? I am a ballet dancer and of course my friends and family think it is cool but I was just interested in seeing what other opinions are of it. Sometimes it seems as though people think it is boring or not as cool as jazz or hip hop even though I love it because it is an art and a sport, but I wanted to see what the general opinion was out of curiosity. Thanks in advance for your comments!

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    I think it is beautiful and classy. Simply beautiful.Need more things like it in this world.

    My mother still does ballet at 81.

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    Ballet has lengthy been formal, depending and clever. an invaluable variety of the overall public adventure Ballet as a performance paintings. I agree that the nationally televised dancing competitions have further yet another layer to what the first public accepts as performance paintings? in addition, the music video clips have replaced the concepts of what the first public accepts as "dancing." Ballet represents existence-lengthy pastime and careers for most persons; notwithstanding, many extra human beings extra useful relate to different sorts of dancing, fairly social dancing. visit ny on a Saturday nighttime even as the ballet is appearing and each seat will be occupied via human beings staring at the performance. On that similar nighttime you could pass to thousands of golf equipment and see thousands of folk surely dancing with one yet another. I tutor regret for no longer answering your question quickly. I only opt to discuss that there are a range of of added social dancers than there are performance or aggressive dancers. BTW, tremendous question!

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    Ballet is a beautiful expression of rhythm and movement.

    Ballet teaches a child a lot of discipline and graceful movements. It benefits both boys and girls.

    Ballet is a great base to learn other classical dances, such as Tango, Samba, Foxtrot, etc.

    A person who has had ballet lessons early in life will Never be sloppy but always walk gracefully with ease.

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    It's worth it in the end. I love ballet and dance personally and do do all of my dance friends. It is fun and beautiful. Probably one of my favorite things I have ever done.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    Im not a fan of ballet...but I have had friends that were dancers in years past..and I saw the hard work an disipline they needed to dance..they certainly earned my respect......

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    Ballet is beautiful.

    It's a beautiful aritstic dance and so many can be expressed through dancing.

    People think it's just cute little girls in pink tutus but it's much more.


  • I think its the most beautiful form of dance. I love watching ballets, and I would also love to be able to do it. I myself didn't have the patience to learn it. So I tap instead, oh well.

    Source(s): Having been introduced to the arts at a young age by my mother.
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    all those that make fun of you will envy your "dancers body" when they hit thier thirties.

    Ballet is WONDERFUL.... and some people would cry like babies after just a barre warm up. Don't worry what anyone else thinks... keep dancing!

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    I have been dancing almost all my life. I started ballet lessons when I was 3. I love it

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    I can make you certain that I do not need Viagra if I can see a sweetey doing ballet, my libido is up naturaly.

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