13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas?

I'm turning 13 and I want to have a really fun activity for my sleepover birthday party. To go somewhere i mean. Someone already took my paintballing idea. So i lucked out of that. I'm having like 10 girls so its no going to be huge but like it will be AWESOME! help please!!


Thanks but bowling partys and pool partys suck. Everyone does it.

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    1 decade ago
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    lazertag! god i'm just such a big kid... theres also paint ballooning which looks really good fun, iceskating, going to the cinema for a hunk overload (hahaha i just said hunk for the first time in ten years).. umm thats all i have at present.

  • A scavenger hunt would be a really fun thing to do! You could do it at a mall or something. I don't know how big the town you are in is so I'm not sure what all of your options are. Another fun idea would be to get someone who is good with a digital camera to take pics of you and all of your friends ya'll could have your makeup and hair done or do each others and then hang up different color fabric for back drops.

    Or maybe you could have like a karaoke party I know you can rent the really good machines from a party supplier. I am sure you will have fun no matter what you do!

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    I am turning 13 in November. Your daughter should tell you things that she would like and then work around that. I like the idea of a slumber party maybe a themed one like a makeover sleepover but since it is 25-30 have her closed friends stay!! Hope I helped! Pixiechic13

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    Go rollerskating or ice skating. OR...go on a scavenger hunt.

    Other ideas... give everyone a disposable camera, give eachother makeovers and take pics of eachother through the night! Let your friends keep the cameras and the pics they took to remember your party!

    Rent a ton of movies and eat junk food

    Get pedicures

    Go to the mall

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    1 decade ago

    Check this website http://www.pinatas.com/Sleepover_Party_CD_p/cdslee... for some music for your sleepover birthday party!

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    I did not realize that 13 years of age was still a toddler or Preschooler. Humm. well to answer your question,,,,, rent some movies. Stay i and just "hang out"

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    what about get something to eat than go to the movies, or cosmic bowling, or ice skating

  • bowling party

  • deb
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    1 decade ago

    movies and out to eat somewhere great!

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    1 decade ago

    go-karting. then have shopping spree at the mall.

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