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Would TAP WATER diluted with fresh lemon juice be as safe as bottled water??

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    Believe it or not, tap water is generally better than bottled water. Tap water is regulated by the government to ensure that it is safe for drinking, but bottled water has been able to avoid such regulating thus far. Plus, bottled water is an envirmental hazzard from all those people who drink it and don't recycle the bottles. It has also been rumored that plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals that could seep into the water. If you have a problem with the taste of the water, a simple pitcher filter or one that you attach to the faucet will filter out the things that make it taste odd.

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    At least in major water systems in the US, tap water has to comply with very stringent requirements and is safe to drink. The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act regulates water supply systems. However, bottled water is usually only regulated at the state level and does not necessarily have to comply with the same requirements as tap water.

    So tap water, without adding anything, is probably as safe as bottled water, if not safer.

    In case you have doubts about water quality, adding lemon is not the best way to ensure safety. In such a case, the best bet is to filter or let the water settle to remove sediments and then boil the water vigorously for 3-5 minutes.

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    I guess this depends on where you live. If you live anywhere in the United States, all tap water is as safe as (or better in some places) than bottled water, whether you put lemon juice in it or not.

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    Probably more safe. Most studies I have seen show that in most areas have better tap water than almost all brands of bottled water, which is why I have never understood people buying the stuff.

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    Yes. Tests have shown that tap water is actually healthier. I just wish I could convince myself - for me it is the taste of bottled water I prefer.

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    Tap water is good for your teeth anyways ;)

    I wouldn't drink tap water with lemon when you are traveling to other country :(

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    your TAP water acrually gets tested for quality every day...and bottled water once a week. Also tap water contains phosphorus which is good for the teeth... and bottled water doesnt.

    drink filtered Tap water. its better and cheaper...and betetr for environment

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    what is wrong with tap water by itself???

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    yes, it's not going to hurt anything. It tastes good too

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