how to increase hard disk space on computer?

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    You can use disk compression but I would recommend against it since it slows down your computer a lot. Each time it has to read a file it has to uncompress it and also you don't save a whole lot of space this way.

    It would be better to add a second hard drive or transfer some excess files you don't use a lot (old pictures, songs, videos, etc) to a removable hard drive. If not, you might try and burn excess files to a recordable DVD then delete them off your hard drive to free up more space. These take up lots of space if they sit on your drive, so anytime you want to view them, you can instead just pop in the disc or removable drive.

  • They are several ways to do this, but before I should tell them to you, I would like to inform you that not only copying files into you're computer may make you're HDD full, space can be filled up even because of spyware, viruses and other malware threats. Now here are some options for you're question:

    1. Delete files, uninstall software/games you don't use anymore, a movie by example, can fill the space up from 900 MB to 3.0 or in some cases 4.0 GB, games also use a lot of space, some of them require same as a movie or they may be double-sized(8.0 GB) in some cases, so, be sure to uninstall the games that you don't play.

    2.Use Windows Defragmenter option located in Start>All Programs>Accesories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter by defragmenting you're hard disk can also help to free up some more space

    3.Delete the System Restore cache or even the entirely option, but be careful, use this with CAUTION, if something in the future will make you're system have problems, you may no longer return back to a previous time before. Sending you're comoputer in a previous time if a problem persist, it usually is much easier and faster than installing Windows again to solve the problem, you may try this option as it does not affect you're computers current settings and files, even through I don't reccomended.

    4.Buy a larger HDD. Larger Hard Disks are harder to be filled, a HDD of let's say 80 GB will be easy to fill, but one of 500 GB, it would be a lot harder, if you buy a new one could still use you're current HDD, even more, by adding a new one the more space will add. Example, you have a HDD of 80 GB if you add one of 400 GB near the one of 80 GB the result will be that you will have 480 GB. Hope the information helps.

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    I see that some have answered to compress your hd - don't. Not really what you want to do, besides doesn't really give you that much space. The best (other than remove/transfer files) would be to add a hd to your system. Find the largest hd you can afford and have them install it for you (unless you know how to do that yourself). The cheapest way to go is get an internal hd, less wires for you to deal with outside of the case. But first check to see if you're system can handle another hd, make sure that you have an additional power cable and an extra connector for the new hd. If you don't know what these look like and you want to do the job yourself just look at what is connected to your current hd and see if there are connectors that look alike and free. Hope that helps.

  • Bert C
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    Add an external or internal hard drive.

    Run "Disk Cleanup"

    Uninstall un-used programs

    Delete un-needed videos, pictures, other files.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Run disk cleanup, defrag the harddrive, remove programs you don't use.

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    compress it

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