What is the definition of right wing/left wing politics?


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    The term originates from the French Revolution, when liberal deputies from the Third Estate generally sat to the left of the president's chair, a habit which began in the Estates General of 1789.

    1) The right wing tends to be associated more with 'conservative' values ,the status quo and tradition. They tend to be tougher on law and order than the left, and emphasise the importance of free trade and low taxation policies, often cutting tax when in power. A welfare state may be seen as important, but not the extent as for a more left wing society.

    Extreme right wing views are those such as fascism. Most governments these days move away from the right to the centre.

    2) The left wing, on the other hand, is associated much more with what may be termed more liberal values, the role of society, and the community as a whole. Law and order policies tend to be more relaxed, taxation is increased by large amounts as they look to create a safety net and look after the poorer members of society through a more robust healthcare system etc.

    An extreme left wing view is something like communism, which looks exclusively at the community as a whole, to the detriment of the individuals that constitute that community. Both extremes lead to very unpleasant systems under which to live.

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    What Is Right Wing Politics

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    Definition Of Left

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    What is the definition of right wing/left wing politics?

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    The left wing look at the problems in society and blame it on the greedy rich people who exploit the poor. They believe it is the government's responsibility to make society more equal. For the left this means you need to penalize the rich/successful and reward poor/failures. The believe that the government should be involved in every aspect of our lives, our health, our schools, our values, etc.. The want to grow the role of government.

    The right wing believes that government does not provide an efficient means of commerce. They believe that a free market economy is best path for prosperity. The right wing believes that creating more entitlements only creates more people dependent upon those entitlements. The right wing does not want to government involved in telling us how to have health care, how to have schools or generally wants government out of our lives. They want to reduce the role of government while stimulating business.

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    right wing would be conservatism and left wing would be liberalism, in teh political sense of course.

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    Right wing believes in the individual rights of man. To be self-reliant and to have a small government to take care of.

    Not a big government to control you. The right wing believes in less taxes and few programs for the disabled, elderly and disadvantaged children.

    The Right Wing is Conservative in their beliefs which lead to a capitalistic society and free enterprise. Strongly value liberty and freedom


    Left wing believes most people need to be taken care of and that we need a large government.

    High taxes are needed to take care of the people with health care and entitlement programs for the masses. They believe in putting caps on the profits of business and having government regulate many factions of your life.

    The left wing is liberal in their beliefs that lead to socialism, and to be controlled.


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    Please Liston.Right wing is the WTO. taking your indiviual right s away, making the rich richer the left wing is Celibrating MLK day. if you are right wing than you must be one of the one persent of America. If not then you are learning about Martin Luther King JR. Our Country needs a weapon for "We the People" and Martin Luther King Jr Day is a time when we look at our rights: Socially, Civilly and in a Humanitarian light. In China they execute Women or in-slave them. Also Kids are in slaved. to work for companies like WalMart.The Real Battle in the United States is Er roding our Constitution and Bill of rights. MLK is a man who gave his life to help our nation(Poor, Middle class-and our Labor Unions.) We need to study on a daily bases our Constitution and Bill of Rights and those framers (Jefferson and Monro ) that put them there. MLK and the Kennedy's also fought for us. they have seen what bad government can do to its people. The New World Order and the World trade Organization think the United States is a territory of their,s and expects those it puts in our high office to do its bidding. MLK will be recognized in China some day.In China today they cut peoples organs out of there body to sell them. as reported on CSPAN. Our President barrows money from China that we and our children have to pay back.Its time to get educated and draw the line.

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    The right believes that certain groups of people are naturally superior to others based on their nationality, language, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and/or social class.

    The left, on the other hand, believes in working towards social and economic equality.

    The far left believes in communism while the far right belives in fascism/fundamentalism. It's a spectrum. Most people are in the middle.

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    which country ?

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