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Where has Wendy Williams, the radio host been?

I haven't heard her ont he radio here in Philly. They still have her up on the site and the DJ taking her place, says that he is in for Wendy Williams, and whenever I call they say she will be back on Monday. Can you hear her in NY? if so, why can't we hear her show in Philly?

I know she was getting a TV show, but did she ditch the radio?

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    She's moved to a ne network called Westwood One. They will have her on different stations. Check it out at

    They haven't had time to get her on the website yet, but she should be up and you can find the station nearest you very soon. Philly hasn't been announced yet, but in NY the station is WBLS and in LA: KDAY. The press release from a radio trade site is below

    -a guy named duh

    <<Norm Pattiz himself does the quotes in the Westwood press release, and that suggests the status Wendy’s attained in the entertainment world. (It’s also the first big deal for new President/CEO Tom Beusse.) The affiliation with Westwood has been rumored for a couple of days, courtesy of a new partnership between WBLS, New York owner Inner City Broadcasting and Westwood. The surprise is the addition of Los Angeles, on Magic Broadcasting’s KDAY-FM. So two of KDAY’s prime dayparts will now come out of Deon Levingston-run WBLS – morning star Steve Harvey and now Wendy Williams. Harvey helped put KDAY on the map in the L.A. urban battle, and we’ll see what Wendy can do there. (Radio One once used her show for overnights on V100.) The new L.A. connection may help Wendy score even more guests (people are still talking about her Whitney Houston interview). We’ll also see what other afternoon/midday affiliates Westwood can land for Wendy’s gossipy four-hour music-and-talk show. (The WBLS version of the Wendy Williams Experience runs five hours, 2-7pm.) The Westwood deal begins on February 4. Wendy’s previous syndicator was Superadio>>

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