If I buy a HDTV convertor box that is coming out, I won't need a Dish HD receiver or HDTV?

We know analog signals are going out and digital signals are coming in next year but many of us cannot afford these fancy HDTV stuff. The new stuff is pretty neat but will that HDTV convertor box be the answer?


I do get Dish Network signals for just Dish Family 100 only on my current receiver. I get my local channels off rabbit ears.

Update 2:

Dish Network charges $6 an month for Digital signals and also charges more for local channels.

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    You are correct. The converter box will convert the over the air antenna signal from digital to analog for old TVs. From your question, i'm assuming you are presently using an antenna. Those who use cable or satellite are not directly affected by the changes. You should apply now for the coupon. You are eligible for two per household, worth $40 each off the price of the converters which should be hitting the stores in february. see the links below.





    Your Dish service won't be affected. But you're going to need one of the converters before February 18, 2009. Get your coupon request in right away, unless you're going to changeover completely to dish. You may have to upgrade your antenna, unless you're close to the transmitters. Digital TV is less tolerant of weak signals than analog. With analog, you can watch a weak signal even though it's snowy. With digital, you get no picture at all.

    See these links regarding over the air reception.




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  • 4 years ago

    They may have to change the dish size... not sure. It would still be coax from the dish to the box. Coax can easily handle HDTV, cable companies carry HDTV, internet, and multiple (up to 12) phone line on one RG6 coax (just clarifying that since that other guy said you need fiber to the box... rofl hahahaha) Dont' really need an HDMI, but it would be ok. The only negative about HDMi compared to component is that it's a digital connection and it needs to mate with the tv, if it runs in to software issue, it wont work properly. Component cables easily handle 1080i and dont make much of a difference unless your tv is 47" or more. The problem with this whole thing is you don't have an HDTV to start with, so you would have 1080i hd reaching your box in digital and leaving your box with a coax or composite or s-video as 480i analog. You won't see any difference at all in picture quality...

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    (This answer assumes that you are located in the US)

    To receive over the air (OTA) digital broadcasts on an analog TV, you will need a DTV converter box. You could do the same job with a HDTV tuner, it would just cost you about 10 times as much to do it that way.

    The cheap DTV converter will cost you about $20 after using a government $40 off coupon. They will receive all of the broadcasts that an expensive HDTV will, including "HD" ones.

    Digital and analog broadcasts use the same antennas. If you get good analog TV reception, your old antenna should be OK.

    Cable and satellite companies take care of converting digital signals to analog ones for their customers.

    Source(s): Info on conerter boxes and place to request $40 off coupons http://www.dtv2009.gov
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  • 1 decade ago

    You can get a simple converter box for around $80 and the US Government will pay half of it - so it winds up costing you about $40 total and you will then be able to convert over the air digital signals to analog - and you won't need any satellite equipment or a cable box... enjoy

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    The HDTV converter box is good only for Local channels you get with an off-the-air antenna

    If you want more channels, you still need Dish or Cable.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you have dishnetwork you wont need that convertor box at all the receiver you have now for dishnetwork will do the same as that 80 box the other guy is talking about we called dishnetwork to ask them if this was true and it is so dont worrie about it.

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