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If you knew your dad was cheating would you tell your mother if you thought it was her fault?

The mother is not a fan of sex and grew up believing that sex was only for procreations. However being a good wife, she complied with her husband’s requests but finally admitted to him that she doesn’t enjoy it has much or as often as he does. Their arguments over the subject, unbeknown to them, were overheard by the pre-teen children.

The father frustrated and tired of fighting about it decided to seek pleasure elsewhere. Because the daughter is aware of the situation, she decided not to tell her mother about the other woman. However her brother thinks they should confront their dad or inform their mother. What say you?


People please read the additional info carefully. Most of your answers do not make sense...

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    It's not the child's place to determine who is at fault. They have no understanding of all the intricacies within a marriage, and they don't have the maturity to comprehend everything that goes on between husband and wife.

    I question whether the daughter really knows if her dad was cheating, but lets say that he is...

    I think this is a simple issue of right and wrong, and the dad is wrong. The daughter should tell her mother, and not confront her dad. If the daughter is too afraid to say anything, she should speak to an adult relative, and let them handle it.

    Kids generally need to stay out of their parents' marriage problems, but if they know something bad is happening, they should tell someone about it. Kids aren't equipped to carry those burdens all by themselves.

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    I'm sorry you overheard, but this is none of your business.

    Just because you don't like the answers doesn't mean they don't make sense. The gist of what you are being told is that two people are responsible for the marriage, your dad is at fault as is your mother if it fails. Your mom already knows what he's doing, don't embarrass her further. Its not your place as kids to judge or criticize what your parents do in their relationship with each other. Back off, its none of your business.

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    I don't think you should tell your mother. It's possible that she already knows or actually told him to go find a lover but it's not your job to tell her. If she doesn't already know she may become deeply hurt and why would you want to be a party to your mother's pain? Talk to your dad if you want but I firmly believe that people who get involved in another couple's marriage issues do more harm than good.

    By the way if your mother was brought up to believe that sex was only to be used for one thing and your parents did not discuss/ confront sexual compatibility before marriage, they are both at fault for the current situation regarding sex (or lack there of).

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    Try to stay out of it, but if it comes to a point where yu feel yu have to say something say it. Because it is their marriage but on the other hand it is just a waste of ur moms life.

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    ur mother may be knowing about it , females have a very good sixth sense to sense some thing is amiss.

    u mind ur own business , ur parents are grown up to look after themselves

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    I would stay out of it. It is their marriage, and it is possible the mother already knows more than you think she does.

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    Yes both should be done.There are other ways to handle the problem.Sounds like they both need to find someone more compatible.They need to divorce and move on.The brother is right.

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    I would confront your dad about it. It's not fair that they put you in the middle of it. By them fighting in front of you both and you finding out that he is cheating put you in the middle.

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