How can I go from West Point to being an officer in the 75th Rangers?

I am a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program. My goal is to go to West Point and be an officer in the Rangers. How can this be done?


You can go to Ranger school during the summer while you're at West Point?

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    After you graduate the 'Point' and get branched Infantry or at least be a Forward Observer in the Field Artilley, you need to be a platoon leader with a regular infantry unit preferrably an airborne or light one. You need prior troop time before they look at you and have Ranger knock out. Now if your a PA or JAG attorney or some support MOS officers, things will be different and you'll have to seek an opening through your branch and constantly apply and call Ranger Branch at DA.

    This is the poop straight from the DA website:


    The 75th Ranger Regiment is seeking top quality, highly motivated Ranger qualified officers for service in the Regiment. The 75th Ranger Regiment routinely has openings for warrant, company, and field-grade officers in the following branches: Infantry, Military Intelligence, Field Artillery, Signal Corps, Engineer Corps, Chemical Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Ordnance Corps and Transportation Corps. The positions are located within the Regimental Headquarters at Fort Benning, Georgia and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ranger Battalions located respectively at Hunter Army Airfield, Ga.; Fort Lewis, Wa.; and Fort Benning, Ga.

    Interested officers should send the following items:

    1. Updated ORB

    2. DA Photo

    3. Current APFT scorecard

    4. Copy of DA Form 4187 requesting assignment to the Ranger Regiment, endorsed by your Brigade Commander

    5. Letters of Recommendation from your Rater and Senior Rater at a minimum

    6. Copies of all AERs and OERs

    7. Letter of Intent to the Regimental Commander. This should be a one page letter stating why you want to be a part of the Ranger Regiment; your availability date (when you reach your twelfth month time on station); home, work, and fax numbers; and e-mail address.

    · E-mail scanned packets to:

    · FAX (preferred method) packets to: DSN 835-5830 or Commercial (706) 545-5830 ATTN: AS1

    · Mail to: Commander, 75th Ranger Regiment, ATTN: AS1, Fort Benning, GA 31905-5843. The 75th Ranger Regiment point of contact is MAJ BEAN at DSN 835-5669/ commercial (706) 545-5669 or


    Also ensure that you have a current Ranger Physical. Physicals are to be current within 1 year and stamped “AIRBORNE RANGER” with blood work current within 6 months. Should you get hired, you will need this to get into ROP.

    Good Luck and "Sua Sponte"

    Source(s): Army combat vet of OEF and OIF with 3 years in 7th Ranger Training Battalion (Desert Phase Ranger School 1990-1993)
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    I think you choose your MOS as infantry during West Point and then towards the end of your third years ask your C.O for Ranger school as well as airborne. As an officer you will also have to complete Air Assault school. When you choose your duty station request it, but the top of each class gets first pick so rank high when you go!

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    Get through Ranger school, and be really good at it. Plenty of cadets are put through Ranger school never to see the light of day in a Ranger regiment.

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    Go to West Point (or ROTC) and Branch Infantry.

    And you will compete for it, be in shape, and an expert in your field.

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    once youve graduated west point. use the DA FORM 4187

    Source(s): US ARMY recruiter
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