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what type of fluid?

what type of transmission fluid (dexron/mercon, atf +3 atf +4) should i put on a 1995 chrysler lhs, 1995 jeep grand cherokee, and 2000 toyota corolla?

(on the jeep) what about the front/rear diff? and the t-case?

can you tell, i have some maintenance to do? but they can wait til it warms up ...


i need to add a vehicle on that ... its a 1987 oldsmobile cutlass supreme ...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    JEEP & LHS (although the LHS is only "front diff" & "trans")

    1. Transmission fluid= "7176" or "ATF+4"(or a "MVATF"=multi-vehicle trans fluid)

    2. Transfercase= Same as transmission

    3. Front & Rear differential= 80/90 (GL-5) Gear Lube & add 1 bottle of "Limited Slip Additive"/Rear only (you'll be sorry if you don't)


    Dexron 3-Trans only for this 1.

    Anything else?

    Baldie-Not trying to insult you, just inform you. It's "Dexron" (see links I posted) not "DexTron" & there isn't a "#4". Its skips from Dexron 3 to Dexron 6. NO! It can't be used on this vehicle!


    Trans=Dexron 3.

    Rear Diff.=80/90 (GL5) Gear Lube/same as Jeep & LHS. This rear diff doesn't need the "Limited Slip Additive", ONLY the Jeep Rear Diff.

    Anything Else? lol

    Source(s): I am a business owner in the Automotive Industry since 1984. (24 years)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Again, check the owners manual. I would be especially careful to use the exact specified trans fluid for the Jeep as some sources - lube guys, parts houses, dealer service advisors - do not understand Jeep used different transmissions and offered them from sources outside Chrysler. In short, they may not take ATF, but Dexron, and a substitution will cause problems.

    Research it thoroughly from a written source to be accurate.

    Source(s): NAXJA - and a '90 Jeep owner.
  • 1 decade ago

    The Owner's Manual tells you which one. If you can come in the computer and wrote this question you should got an answer by reading the book.

    Right ?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    either dextron 3 or 4 will work and as for the front differencial and back, you can use 90 weight gear oil, what i use to use was coastal. it reads on the bottle, (80,85,90 weight gear oil)its for all kinds of gear driven differencials.

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