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why do the countries pakistan afghanistan kazakhstan uzbekistan all share the stan ending?

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    'Stan' comes from the old Iranian root, sta, the word for "to stand" or "stay." It means the place where one stays-a homeland or country. Names, like Afghani-stan, Hindu-stan, derive from the plural name of the people living in that land-such as, the Afghani-plus the suffix 'stan'. Afghanistan means "land or home of the Afghani people.

    Pakistan is a hybrid word, stemming perhaps from the many peoples living in that country. It comes from the P of Punjab (a much-disputed, now-partitioned land between India and Pakistan), the a from Afghanistan, and the k from Kashmir (a region of northwest India and northeast Pakistan), and istan. The "istan" portion of the word is sloppy in derivation but clear in meaning: "land of".

    By the way, Iranian--the mother language of Persian or Farsi-derived from the Proto-Indo-European language. Furthermore, the Germanic language family, which is the mother language of English, developed from the same great-great-grandmother (Proto-Indo-European), some five to six thousand years ago. Thus we English speakers have "stand," "stay," and "steady" from the same sta root.

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