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Isn't what we did in Grade school on Valentine's Day sometimes more fun than now?

Actually, my fondest memories of Valantine's Day is in grade school where we made those little custom mailboxes out of foil and construction paper, then gave and recieved sweet smelling valentines from everyone. I could always tell who cared the most, just by the subtlety of what they wrote in the greetings.

Maybe they should force everyone to do the same thing nowadays in college and in the workplace....

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    Those are wonderful memories. Seems like the kids know how to celebrate the holidays more than adults.

    l also have fond memories of those Valentine cards. So cute.

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    I loved that! My little one does card exchange at day care and we picked out his cards this weekend. I can't wait till they make thier little mailboxes and have their party at day care. No pressure-they just give everyone a card and everyone gives them a card, too little to not like someone or think of "did they give me a card last year". And any day that involves cupcakes for your snack can't be bad. Maybe workplaces should start that policy. The monthly snack time party-everyone meets at 10 and has cupcakes and juice while the boss reads a story to you. I bet a lot of folks would feel better after that. Hard to think of how much of a pain your co-workers are if they give you a cupcake once in a while.

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    Those were the days! I love the fact that my kids still do those things today! Being that I'm the "room mother" for my sons class I get to plan the party! Yay !

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    Yes it would be nice to do that again; make custom mailboxes that we sit on our porches and then wait for people to come and put in homemade valentines.

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    god bless you dear, it was nice and you did find out who cared for you, right? Ray in Monterey

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