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受制於人, 被人掐住咽喉的英文

受制於人, 被人掐住咽喉的英文怎麼說?



受制於人... 被牽制... 都可以.

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    諺語, 常見於新聞或報章雜誌 很美式的說法

    "Have someone over a barrel"

    解釋: 受桎於人 讓你處於困難的情況

    to put someone in a very difficult situation in which they have no choice about what to do.

    EX: She knows I need the work, so she's had me over a barrel in terms of what she pays me.

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    we are under someone's control...

    或是 under the control of someone



    People's controllable and own destiny, if our under the yoke of person, that doesn't in the destiny is wrong and is at ourselves


    人們可支配自己的命運,若我們受制於人 那錯不在命運,而是在我們自己。

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    受制於人, 被人掐住咽喉的英文:

    Is under the control of others, is pinched by the person the pharynx

    and larynx

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