bathtub clogged, drano crystals,liquid plumber, nothing is working!! any ideas.. drains really slowly?


interesting u shud ask, its -38 here now, it wasnt draining at all at first, but after using the crystals, started draining super slow,

Update 2:

hahah, funny, i wud hv to start the blame game with myself though, lol, I did try the plunger, but that dint work, almost threw that out the window, and no I cant get the stopper out, there doesnt seem to be any screws or any way to get it undone so I can get all the stuff out that causing this!

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    Can you pull out the stopper on the drain? When mine gets slow, I pull out the stopper and its filled with hair and gook. If you can't, try a basic toilet plunger. Run water so it partially fills the tub, and plunge the hell out of it for like 30 seconds straight. This will create a suction in the drain and push and pull the water through.

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    4 years ago

    Have him go to your local Hardware store and purchase the correct washers/o-rings. If it still doesn't work, I'd just go get a new faucet set. As far as the tub not draining, you may need to contact a plumber to have your line flushed. You may not have a clog near the tub, but instead, further down the line. -J

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    In my house if that ever happens then most of the time its a hard substance like a tooth brush in the sink or a hair piece in the drain or something plastic like that drano will not get through...

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    suggest you try the acid type drain cleaner, but make sure that there are not any other cleaners in the drain (there could be a very violent reaction if they are mixed. be sure to follow instructions and observe all warnings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    first you need to blame all the women for plugging the drain with their long hair.. just because its fun to pick on them about it. and then ... try a snake.

    good luck

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    Was it recently real cold? the trap could be frozen? If not, use a plumbing snake, pick one up at the hardware store.

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    well try hot water and salt first, if that doesnt work call the plumber to have it snaked

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    try a "snake'

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