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Is piercing your nose dangerous?

I did it myself before and I heard there is so many vains and stuff you can hit. I didnt wanna get it done prof. because they don't freeze your nose. Sad, but yes I can't take a lot of pain. So I took it out because my nose was always a purple tinge around the peircing. Why is this? It wasn't really sore or anything. Did I hit something?

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    ...hey, its a new piercing, its like a black and blue discoloration...No!...relax and enjoy before it gets infected!

  • First off, the nostrils are soft cartilage, and you do not have to worry about hitting nerves, or major blood vessels when piercing a nostril.

    Doing it yourself though was a very bad idea as you did not have sterilized equipment... "oh but I cleaned it with alcohol then burned it, so it was sterile"...wrong, the only way to properly sterilize a needle for use within the human body is with an autoclave which uses a combination of steam, heat, and pressure.

    As for freezing your nose to pierce it, there is no need, not only that, it causes more pain by doing so, and can cause tissue damage. The process of piercing a nostril is so fast, and the needle is so small that it's more of a nuisance than a pain. The worst part of it is that it makes your eyes water and may make you feel like you're going to sneeze. By "freezing" the tissue you are going to pierce, it lowers the blood flow to the area (something you don't want to do, you want the fresh piercing to have a steady normal flow of blood to it, this is part of how it begins healing itself), freezing the tissue can also make the tissue harder, which when you shove the needle through is going to cause more bruising to the area than what would have been caused by just piercing it, which is going to lead to it being sorer for longer.

    I strongly suggest removing the jewelry, letting it heal and having it redone professionally before you end up with an infection from having probably used a sewing needle which most likely was made from base metals which are not safe to use for piercing.

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    Doing any piercing yourself can be dangerous. The reason a professional has a better track rate usually is because they have training, skill and supplies. They can't freeze your nose to do it, you have to feel sensation to let them know what is going on. It's not that bad, it's a whole lot easier at a pros. The piercing itself by them takes three seconds. I'm not a pro myself so go see a pro and have them check it out. Next time, get it done right. Seriously, it's worth it.

    Source(s): five current and two retired piercings including my nose
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    stop being a baby! if you can't handle it not being frozen then you don't deserve a piercing! part of getting it done is telling ppl about it later hurt or not! ( everything hurts worse frozen btw)

    i would say the purple is where you did bruise your nose nice may take a while for that to go way!

    Source(s): 20 year old girl 13 piercings!
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  • never do anything like that by yourself! I can just imagine how much it must have hurt! I had my nose done professionally, and i bet mine hurt less that yours! Do not put it back in, let your hole close, and get it done by a professional!!

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    Did you know that farmers put rings in a bulls nose so they can grab it and haul them around. Maybe your mate can haul you around with it if you put it back in. When someone pulls your nose you will go anywhere. LOL Stupid just Stupid

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    If it isn't squirting blood, you didn't hit anything important. If you intend to put it back in, you better do it soon, they grow together almost instantly.

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    If u want your nos hurting i think no .In then if u want to get it go get it . and do have a brother?

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    Who cares if its dangerous, its just plain stupid.

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    i would not do it a tattoo is better

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