Confederate Flag?

What does the conferderate flag stand for?

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    the confederate flag stands for the 13 southern stands that broke away from the union during the time of the civil war they wanted things like states rights and was not fought solely over slavery like a lot of ignorant people believe. Today the flag stands for southern pride for a cause they many many people believed in and stood up for and tons of lives were lost. People still fly it because they had family members who fought and died in the war. It also represents the southern culture. Even though for some reason a few hate groups decided to use the flag as their symbol when it has nothing to do with them at all so that is why the flag has a bad reputation with some people

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    There were a number of confederate flags but the most common is probably the one you are asking about.

    This was the "Southern Cross" flag with 13 stars forming a blue cross on a background of red cloth. The primary purpose of the flag was as a battle flag during the Civil War to identify the regiment because fighting was in close quarters. You did not want to shoot your fellow soldiers.

    To be truthful, the "Southern Cross" battleflag was not widely accepted by the confederacy because it was too similar to the Stars and Stripes used by the Union soldiers. Most confederate units used their own state flags as a battle flag to distinguish their units from the units of the north.

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    To many like me who are not Americans, the flag seems to point out that the Civil War never really ended. The last man standing on the battlefield, yes but the ill will, resentments and differing cultural identities along with two national prides remain to this day.

    As for slavery, that is not what the civil war was about for if it had been it would have been one of the most senseless wastes if life in human history because within a generation of that war, a lot of mechanized machinery came into play and would have rendered slavery obsolete. Also most fighting was for national pride and since the cost of s slave averaged 1000.00 or 30,000 adjusted to today's money; hardly any Confederate soldiers would have owned any.


    Michael Kelly

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    I am not a Southerner and don't really care for the flying of the Confederate flag. But one thing people need to get straight is the the Flag stood for independence from the North, not racism. Also, the Civil War was not about slavery. If they actually studied American History, you would realize that the South felt they contributed far more to the countries bottom line in the way of farming, etc. than the North yet the North was trying to push them around. It was more about pride and stubborness than anything. If it was truly about slavery, you wouldn't have had freed slaves fighting for the South as well as those opposed to slavery such as Robert E Lee.

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    "On both, the Confederate National and the U.S. National flag, the number of stars represent the number of States within that union and / or confederacy. On the U.S. Flag the thirteen Stripes represents the original 13 States of the union. No one star represents a State within that union or confederacy, it's just the total number of States within. The colors of the flags have no official meaning, however some 18th century & 19th century poets have written many verses on the meaning’s for the colors for both national flags."

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    The United States Confederacy

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    Been 150 years people!

    Are you all as absolutely stupid as the present federal government?

    That old battle standard (rare as it was) wasn't even the "Confederate flag"!

    The people of the South revered it for many years because it flew over brave men of ALL RACES fighting to protect their families, homes, and States!

    Come to think of it, maybe the federals are more clever than I thought ...

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    Pride in convictions.....if you check your history the civil war was not about was about states right...economics...and self funny how Lincoln is called the Great Emancipator but yet his proclamation freeing the slaves only effected the states in the Confederacy....several states in the Union that slaves were held in were not effected at the time.

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    Slavery, oh, and racism.

    Southern people add all their own meanings to it, but that is like a Nazi saying the Swastica is just a good luck symbol. In 2008, to most people, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of Racism, and slavery. They give this bunk about states rights, but really, do you really need to start a war about that. This is why we hold elections in a respresentative democracy, to prevent neanderthal $#!% like that.

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    Pride in the south, NOT RACISM... That is just some crap people say. Here in Virginia we have the Confederate Flag right out in front of the Court House.

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