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What Exactly A Hooters Restaurant?

I ask this because not so long ago me and my mother passed Hooters and I mentioned about it because its one of those place I've never heard of like White Castle. She says its a bar that serves burger meals by topless waitresses and I'm like..."Wow".I mean how can you eat with big jugs swinging in your face every second? So just a few hours ago, I see a Hooters commercial with families having a good time, kids with balloons and hear a song like, 'Have fun at Hooters-the place you want to be'*lol* I also see the girls in nice tank tops but still.A place for kids?So anyway I wrote a little skit about it in a script I'm writing, but after seeing the commericial-I need to confirm this before I continue. Is this place '21 Years and Over'? ID? Help me out.

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    A family restaurant, though they do serve beer anyone can go. They wear tiny orange shorts and a tight white top that shows their HOOTERS (hint the name) They usually pop out at ya. If your writing a script base on this then you must check it out for yourself. They have some good food . They even have a merchandise counter that sales t-shirts and other stuff.

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    Hooters Topless

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    Topless Hooters Girls

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    It's a shitty TGIFridays type of restaurant that might appeal to someone who's never seen a girl wearing shorts and a t-shirt before.

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    known for wings but i like the buffalo chicken sandwich. Watress in short shorts and a tank top. Only need to be old enough ifin you drink. A sports bar kind of thing. has to be a sport on the tvs

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    NO this is not a 21 and over. It is a family restuarant that has girls dressed like diasy duke in short shorts and cut off tops, specialize in wings, burgers, and beer.......I personally do not like the food, or the atmosphere, seem a glorified mcdonalds but darkers........

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    I am 13 and go to hooters all the time. It is a flirtatous restraunt but is still apropriat. No topless girls (sadly)

    Hope i helped!

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    No, you don't need ID unless you plan on drinking. just waitresses in tight tops with cleavage spilling out and good wings.

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    It is any age,mostly alot of guys go to look at the waitresses with tight tanks and SHORT TIGHT SHORTS. Supposed to have the best buffalo wings but they r nasty!!!! You should check it out for yourself,take some guy friends with you.

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    It's really not a big deal. Everyone keeps their clothes on and all.

    Sometimes they have bikini contests though. (Saw it on their marquee)

    Good food.

    I'm definately not letting my boyfriend go there, though. lol

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