What are the perks of being drug-free?

what are a list of advantages of never abusing drugs/substances?

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    You will live longer and have a better quality of life, especially when you get older.

    ALL Drugs cause your body to produce huge amounts of free radicals. We know, for instance, that the free radical OH- destroys Nigral Cells in the brain. These are the gray matter of the brain that produces dopamine. You are born with 400,000 of these cells and that is all you get and ever will get. When 240,000 of these are gone, you get Parkinson's disease. You lose 2,400 each year to normal cell metabolism that produces the OH-. If you do the math, you will see why older people get shaky as they age toward 100.

    Now, if you take drugs, of any kind, legal or illegal, you increase the production of free radicals. This speeds up the process of degeneration of these nigral cells and decreases the age at which you will get Parkinson's disease. Most people die prematurely due to bad diets and drugs before 100 in America, so you won't see this phenomenon happen so often.

    10,000 to 20,000 people die each year of illegal drugs. 106,000 people died in hospitals last year from taking LEGAL doctor prescribed, FDA approved, drugs in the proper dosages prescribed.

    That is a very scary statistic and makes me never want to take any LEGAL drugs or illegal drugs. It also makes me wonder why we are focused on illegal drugs for the "WAR ON DRUGS." I think there should be a WAR ON DRUGS directed toward pharmaceutical companies. Just think of the lives we could save.

    good luck to us all

    Source(s): many years of nutritional studies - B.A. Biology & Chemistry
  • 1. Never losing a job because you failed a random drug test.

    2. Lowering your risk for contracting a variety of blood born diseases.

    3. Lowering your suseptability to a variety of mental and emotional disorders.

    4. Increasing the length of your life.

    5. Preventing yourself from having a criminal record full of drug related charges.

    6. Greater freedom of job choices in never having to worry about failing a pre-employment drug screening.

    7. Decreasing the rate at which your physical appearance ages.

    8. If you are high you are more likely to make bad decisions about sex and relationships.

    9. If you are high you are likelyto make bad decisions about how to live your life.

    10. Most drugs have serious side effects that lead to heart, lung, and other widespread and often terminal conditions.

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    Longer and healthier life!

    Drugs can do a lot of damage, even if taken little dose at a time. It can created irreversible cell deaths (brain cells - causing psychological and mental problems); it can damage your liver (which produces your body's defense mechanisms, creates digestive enzymes to breakdown down almost anything that goes in your body, helps create blood cells, etc.); drugs can also create a lot of heart problems (increase, decrease, or just stops heart rate resulting to death); it can also affect your respiratory area in your brain - well you know the end result of that one too. Unless you don't want to live, then take drugs. But if you want to enjoy everything this world can offer, stay off it.

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    Ok, heath is better. You can remember movies you have seen, you remember where you were last week. Um, you can recognize people you know. You can get up on time in the mornings and actually get to work on time. No one will look at you like you aren't there. You can taste food, you can smell food. Your blood pressure is good. You don't have to worry about taking a drug test.

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    Longer Life.



    Drug Free

    2/4 of a person who has never tried

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    You have a lot more money to do other things! :o)

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