Guild Wars?

IS it possible to play Guild Wars without buying the game???

And download all the other campaigns and play them. is there such thing as a private sever?

or you MUST pay the original game (with the cd key) to play.

another question: if it's not possible to play which things should I buy off the online store.. which is the original, what are the campaigns i need ?

Guild Wars 2006, Guild Wars Nightfall, Guild Wars: Factions, Guild Wars: Eye of the North?

There are some combined.. like Guild Wars 2006 + Factions.. and Guild Wars + Eye of North.

What should I get?? What's the original game with the cd key and what are the campaigns i need?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Guild Wars 2006 most likely refers to the original Guild Wars, also known as Guild Wars: Prophecies.

    Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars: Factions and Guild Wars: Nightfall are all separate games, meaning you don't need one to play the other. (But from my experience having all three games gives you a lot to explore, etc.)

    Guild Wars: Eye of the North is an expansion pack, so you would need either Prophecies, Factions or Nightfall in order to play that one.

    All three of the regular games are pretty fun to play, though Nightfall gives you access to special traveling companions called Heroes. You can equip heroes with their own weapons, skills, etc. These Heroes really help if you're interested in doing a lot of quests by yourself.

    My advice? Try Nightfall first, then go for the other campaigns. Guild Wars 2 is coming out in late '08 or 2009 so you might want to watch for that as well.

    Source(s): I've been playing Guild Wars for a couple years now.
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    1 decade ago

    When you buy Guild Wars or Factions or Nightfall or Eye of the north your not really buying the CD your actually buying a code that makes a account and then you just full out the information it wants you to fill out. The best way i think to download the game is from the site so by saying that you do not need the CD. The one you should get is prophices better know the true story before jumping around with all the other stuff. hope this helped.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are private servers but like most of these games, i suppose they arent as popular or as gwd.

    I really recommend buying Guild Wars as it is a very enjoyable and addictive game lol. I got Prophecies as a present, then eventually got Nightfall, then Eye of the North, then Factions.

    I recommend starting with Prophecies, and getting Factions 3rd or 4th, if u do eventually get all.

    Guild Wars is the type of game that the more versions u have, the better, and more flexible it is for u to do certain things.

    Anyway, I recommend u buy Guild Wars, and if u give me ur in game name, i would be happy to help!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, not outside of things such as the 14-day, 10 hour trial.

    Found here:

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