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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

Is Guiliani the best canidate due to his tax cut programs? He will cut corporate taxes by 10% and capitol gain

That's good for all of us, it means more investment and less fleeing the USA for more freindly turfs by corporations. It also mean sif you sell your home you get to keep the $$ not be fined for it! I wasn't for him up till I heard this.

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  • M B
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    1 decade ago
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    Your likely going to be attacked by some saying that cutting the corporate tax is wrong but I am for it and I wonder if the majority of the people who are against a corporate tax cut know that we (the US) have the highest corporate tax in the world, this is NOT a good thing folks... Why on earth would new companies locate themselves here when corporate tax is much cheaper in other nations? I think its a great idea and will stimulate expansions and new businesses.

    "Ireland is the classic case of a nation on the "correct side" of this curve. It has a 12.5% corporate rate, nearly the lowest in the world, and yet collects 3.6% of GDP in corporate revenues, well above the international average."

    As for Giuliani, he has some hard climbing to do, I understand that he skipped the states he didn't feel like he could win but he has practically dropped off the presidential radar, he needs to get his face back out to the general public he needs to win Florida or do well.


    Sensible_Man, very simple explanation... Foreign cars made in the United States by citizens have loyalty factors AND they also offer a 100,000 mile warrenty and good gas mileage while American auto makers sold out, went to Mexico and the majority of which still continue to offer a 36,000 mile warrenty. If you think we can attract new business to a nation that charges 39.9% corporate tax while our neighbors Canada is 22.12 AND they are considering lowering it and lets not forget Mexico who's is 16.5% hmmmm now you tell me if you could pay 16.5% would you pay 40%? No you wouldn't and neither will corporations we MUST compete... The states that continue to hang on to poverty are those states with higher than average corporate taxes, look into it.

    By the way, your point about outsourcing and offshoring is correct while cutting the corporate tax we have to clause it so that citizens receive the majority of jobs, I am not certain about Guiliana's proposal but most others have an offshoring and outsourcing clause in the corporate tax plan.

    I own a car made in America not a car made in Mexico by an American company and I have a 100,000 mile warrenty... I am not alone.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You will likely get no real answers only opinions as different as the two parties. Heres how it works for Rudy and Republicans. If you reduce taxes and costs for business owners they do not leave US they also expand and higher more people and increase wages. If you tax the rich they will reduce workforce or leave country to keep their income at high levels. If you tax the rich and give to the poor the poor become force to rely on the Government (rather than themselves) to care for them self. Where this has a positive impact at first over time it does not. The workforce has no skills and becomes dependent on Government handouts and thus reelects those who handed them free money (so to speak). What Rudy and the Republican are striving for is for Americans to be self supporting not dependent. I expect the Liberals to jump all over your post so be ready as they will jump on this one. Simply put if it cost you more to live where you are rather than live out of town which would you do? If your income was sufficient enough to hire people to do things for you you would. By decreasing corporate tax you increase their income. When you increase a business owners income they expand and thus hire new people so we have new jobs. This also means business owners can pay better wages as well. That is Rudy and the Republican theory.

    Source(s): Common sense do the Math
  • 1 decade ago

    In response to MB, if this is true, then why are American auto manufacturers sending all the jobs overseas and still raising prices (and losing money) when foreign automakers are building here and becoming the top sellers of cars and trucks? I would agree with corporate tax cuts if the businesses are forced to do business here and not abroad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why does anyone think that by cutting corporate taxes that will somehow stimulate the economy? It never has before. It just increases their profits.

    They don't "reinvest" the money in ways that boost the general economy. That's Reagan's "trickle down" economics and look where it got us.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This guy is a LIAR. He even looks shady. I think he's a washed up mobster that found out he could do the same things in office w/o the risk.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO, he's not. I do like him, but it is just his version of trickle down economics. It didn't work in the 80's, it about destroyed us. I do like him a lot though, but not for president.

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