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Sci-fi films?

What are the common codes and conventions for a sci-fi film?

i.e. spaceships, aliens etc.

What makes a good sci-fi film?

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    Sci-fi does not have to involve spaceships, time-travel, robots and aliens; this is a misconception. While these elements may be interesting and allow for great special effects on-screen, they should help tell the story, not BE the story. Movies such as Soylent Green, Fail-Safe, War Games, and The Truman Show don't use any of these, but can be considered science fiction, because they answer the question "What if...?" And some of them were actually good movies.

    Lester del Rey, one of the pioneers of modern science fiction, describes the genre as "largely based on writing entertainingly and rationally about alternate possibilities in settings that are contrary to known reality". A movie like Apollo 13 is, by definition, not science fiction, yet it was still nominated for a Hugo (Science Fiction Achievement Award).

    What makes a good sci-fi film are the same things that make any good film: internally consistency, good storytelling, competent acting and direction, etc. According to the documentaries regarding the making of Star Wars, the actors were mostly novices, no one took it seriously, and the studio tried to pull the plug on the project more than once. Yet it is one of the best SF movies ever, by anyone's standard, due to the strength and coherency of the characters and the story.

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    spaceships, aliens, timetravel, space, robots

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