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Boot Sector C: Changed is shown by avg Antivirus as a warnig Is this is virus or not?

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    It is normal that AVG shows that files, the MBR or Boot record to have changed. These are done during normal maintainance, when you or windows updates files or have had to correct errors on the drive. The only time that you should worry is if they also show as infected.

    To get AVG to quit showing them as changed, open the AVG Test Center, click the F3 key on your keyboard and tell it to accept the changes. If it still shows something as changed after this.. delete the file named AVG7QT.DAT in C:\ and AVG will rebuild it the next time it is run

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    Not always. Often, it's just an indication that the Master Boot Record (which tells your computer where to look to boot the operating system) has been changed, which can occur if you reinstall or upgrade Windows, or install another OS alongside Windows with a different boot loader (e.g. Linux's GRUB).

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    No, you can rest assured. That is not a virus. Just a part of regular computer maintenence. Sometimes after I defrag I get that message from AVG or when I install updates.

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    This is normal. It will change from time to time. It is not a virus.

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