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Jim asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

Has anybody done fasting, especially water-only fasting?

I'm interested in anybody's experiences with water-only fasting, and any ill effects they encountered. I am on the fourth day of a water-only fast, and I feel great, with no hunger. The only problem I've had is that yesterday (third day of nothing but water) my blood pressure shot up very, very high, but it then dropped back down after several hours.

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    I have done various water fasts and it's a good thing (good enough for Jesus and Plato, prolly good enough for you)

    The fun thing tho, is watching the reaction of others (oooo, ur gonna die, your heart will stop, hahahah go eat some donuts piggies!)

    Seriously, people will try to be tards when u mention it, cause for them to admit it's good == them not eating so many donuts! A treat they are _not_ going to give up!)

    Your best bet is just to keep it to yourself, I think Bragg once mentioned that you shouldn't tell others when you are fasting

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    1 decade ago

    Technically you can survive 20 days on water alone, no food and water a week max. But your risking downing your body, especially if you drink to much water. I'm surprised you lasted this long. You realize you putting your vital organs at risk of serious complications. High blood pressure, is not only your heart telling you, that's it stressed, but also your kidneys.

    DO yourself a favor, go eat something, something lite.

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    that is silly because you are just going to slow your metabolism down so when you eventually eat you will gain double the weight not to mention how sick your body will get from malnutrition. you need to eat but just steer clear of fatty and high sugar foods. cut down and eat salads and vegetables or fruit but you need at least three decent sized healthy meals to live a long and healthy life don't cheat yourself of a healthy lifestyle there are really bad consequences that come with fasting. please do the right thing by your body before you beome anorexic goodluck

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    Yes, but there is no such thing as water fasting, just as there is no such thing as juice fasting etc. You are fasting correctly, but 3 days is enough to give your body a rest from digesting food and healing any health problems.

    At Friends With Cancer we advocate fasting for a return to health, it works.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bad idea.

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