Catholics attack the Sabbath?

James Cardinal Gibbons, The Faith of our Fathers, 88th ed., pp. 89."But you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify."

James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore (1877-1921), in a signed letter.

"Is Saturday the seventh day according to the Bible and the Ten Commandments? I answer yes. Is Sunday the first day of the week and did the Church change the seventh day -Saturday - for Sunday, the first day? I answer yes . Did Christ change the day'? I answer no! "Faithfully yours, J. Card. Gibbons"

The Catholic Mirror, official publication of James Cardinal Gibbons, Sept. 23, 1893. "The Catholic Church, . . . by virtue of her divine mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday."


Wow, there is tons of these quotes online.

Martin J. Scott, Things Catholics Are Asked About (1927),p. 136. "Nowhere in the Bible is it stated that worship should be changed from Saturday to Sunday .... Now the Church ... instituted, by God's authority, Sunday as the day of worship. This same Church, by the same divine authority, taught the doctrine of Purgatory long before the Bible was made. We have, therefore, the same authority for Purgatory as we have for Sunday."

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    There are thousands of contradictions in the Bible and you worry about that, if I were you I would be worried about the entire book as it was copied from much older Pagan religions and it was written by men for their own political gain and greed...

    Blessed Be... )O(

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    Some religious organizations (Seventh-Day Adventists, Seventh-Day Baptists, and certain others) claim that Christians must not worship on Sunday but on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.

    They claim that, at some unnamed time after the apostolic age, the Church "changed" the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. However, passages of Scripture such as Acts 20:7, 1 Corinthians 16:2, Colossians 2:16-17, and Revelation 1:10 indicate that, even during New Testament times, the Sabbath is no longer binding and that Christians are to worship on the Lord’s day, Sunday, instead.

    The Sabbatists who nowadays want to observe the Jewish holiday, forget that Jesus and the apostles had authority to interpret and to reform the laws of Moses.The early Church Fathers compared the observance of the Sabbath to the observance of the rite of circumcision, and from that they demonstrated that if the apostles abolished circumcision (Gal. 5:1-6), so also the observance of the Sabbath must have been abolished.

    The following quotations show that the first Christians understood this principle and gathered for worship on Sunday.

    The Didache

    "But every Lord’s day . . . gather yourselves together and break bread, and give thanksgiving after having confessed your transgressions, that your sacrifice may be pure. But let no one that is at variance with his fellow come together with you, until they be reconciled, that your sacrifice may not be profaned" (Didache 14 [A.D. 70]).

    The Letter of Barnabas

    "We keep the eighth day [Sunday] with joyfulness, the day also on which Jesus rose again from the dead" (Letter of Barnabas 15:6–8 [A.D. 74]).

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    For Christians the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the first day of the week (Sunday) replaces the Sabbath as the day of ceremonial observance of the Commandment to keep the Lord's Day holy.

    Here is the link:

    The Catholic Church follows the teaching and practice of the Apostles. In the 20th chapter of the Act of the Apostles, the church in Troas gathered on the first day of the week, Sunday.

    The first Christians were Jews. They went to temple or synagogue on the Sabbath (Saturday) with fellow Jews.

    Then they gathered on the first day of the week, the day on which Jesus rose from the dead (Sunday), with fellow Christians to tell stories of Jesus and share Eucharist. See Acts 20:7.

    Later Gentiles joined Christianity. The Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, decided that the Gentiles did not have to covert to Judaism. Therefore, they only attended on Sundays and did not have to abide by Jewish dietary laws.

    This biblical practice inspired by the Holy Spirit has been followed ever since.

    With love in Christ.

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    Acts 20:7 proves weekly communion on Sunday (1st Day)

    1 Corinthians 16:1-2 proves weekly church collection on Sunday (1st Day)

    Sabbatarians say: "No other day is blessed in scripture except the Sabbath."

    But their pastors have Never read Psalms 118:22-26 in their churches!

    They do Not mention the notice that a New Day was actually prophesied in the Old Testament.

    This is a messianic prophecy about the new day God makes when Jesus rises from the dead!

    "The stone which the builders rejected Has become the CHIEF CORNER STONE. This is the Lord’s doing; It is MARVELOUS in our eyes. THIS IS THE DAY WHICH THE LORD HAS MADE; LET US REJOICE AN BE GLAD IN IT. O Lord, do save, we beseech You; O Lord, we beseech You, do send prosperity! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord; We have blessed you from the house of the Lord. " (Psalm 118:22-26)

    -It is obvious that resurrection day, is the day the Lord Made.

    -Resurrection day is Sunday.

    -Sunday is the day the Lord made!

    -The first day (Sunday) is the Lord’s Day!

    The Catholics did NOT change the day.

    90 AD: "...every Lord's day (1st day), hold your solemn assemblies, and rejoice: for he will be guilty of sin who fasts on the Lord's day, being the day of the resurrection..." (Constitutions of the Holy Apostles, Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. 7, pg. 449)

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    Which day of the week does the bible say was the first day? We all know the Sabath was the seventh day, but I don't recall (and can't find after looking) any thing that says that the firmament was made on a tuesday, or a thursday. So, which one really came first? I personally feel that the week starts on monday, cause that's the day I go to work, so sunday would be the Sabath, except I prolly go to work on monday because people like to have sunday off to go to church, so even a practical look doesn't tell us anything.

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    It is based on the fact that Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday. Since the New Testament fulfills and replaces the old, it is Catholic teaching that Sunday is the "new" Sabbath.

    They even use the old standard for a "day", which was from sundown to sundown. So, you can fulfill your "Sabbath" duty to go to church from Saturday evening to Sunday evening.

    Just trying to explain the reason for the belief as best I can. :)

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    Please give us a link to your source.

    The First and the Eighth (2174)

    Jesus rose "on the first day of the week" (Mk 16:2). This "first day" recalls the first creation. As an "eighth day," it symbolizes the new creation begun by Christ's Resurrection. For Christians, Sunday has become the first of all days, the Lord's Day. "We gather on the day of the sun, for it is the first day when God made the world; on this same day Jesus Christ our Savior rose from the dead" (St. Justin).

    A New Hope - A New Day (2175-2176)

    Sunday replaces the Sabbath for Christians because Christ's Passover fulfills the truth of the Jewish Sabbath. The Old Law worship prepared for the mystery of Christ. "We have come to a new hope, no longer keeping the sabbath, but the Lord's Day" (St. Ignatius of Antioch).

    Observing Sunday fulfills the moral command inscribed in man's heart to render public and regular worship to God "as a sign of his universal beneficence to all" (St. Thomas Aquinas). Sunday worship fulfills the Old Law by a weekly celebration of the Creator and Redeemer.

    Source(s): Catechism of the Catholic Church
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    THE CATHOLICS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is getting crazy petty. The sabbath could be Tuesday for all we know. The calender we follow is Roman in origin, and the books that proclaim the need to worship predate the Roman empire I imagine. Either way, you think God gives two flips what day you worship as long as you worship one day a week? The omnipotent being is an omnipotent being for Jiminy Cricket's sake!!!!! I doubt he gets hung up on a technicality like what day the calender says it is.

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    Who cares...if you are going to church to argue over scriptural differences, you are going for the wrong reasons.

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    It's because they prefer rap.

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